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The "Soyuz-ST at the Guiana Space Centre"


By decision of the governments of Russia and France at the Guiana Space Centre (French Guiana) built the launch pad for the carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST", which will provide at least 50 rockets "Soyuz-ST" for 15 years — is a unique experience of international cooperation in space activities.

During the period 2008-2010 in the framework of this agreement Russian company delivered more than 15,000 tons of freight and 400 TEU-Soviet equipment, including heavy seats up to 95 tons and a length of over 30 meters, and the first 2 sets of carrier rockets "Soyuz- ST "classified as dangerous with their hazard IMO-1, auxiliary equipment, and fuel.


As said Dmitry Baranov, deputy director of the Samara Samara Space Progress, which is engaged in the production of rockets "Soyuz" for the Russian Plesetsk Cosmodrome Baikonur and boosters "Union" block by block delivered by rail to the number of long-baseline converted carriages outside of the form, coloring and common rooms e-mail ".

"In the case of transport of missiles at the equatorial Kourou, the scheme was changed — we did a special sealed containers that maintain the necessary humidity and pressure. Each unit is disassembled rocket loaded into a separate container, which, in turn, set not in a closed carriage, and on the open platform of a special special train, which blocks the booster made their way in 1000 500 kilometers from Samara to St. Petersburg "- said Baranov.

According to him, the containers at the port with parts of the media are detached from the platform and placed on special trailers, elaborate European specialists. After that tractor trailer moved into the hold of the vessel intended for the carriage of launch vehicles.

"These unique ships are only two in the world — they are owned subsidiaries" Arianespace "and constructed for the transportation of ocean European missile 'Ariane-4" and "Ariane 5", — said Dmitry Baranov. He added that each ship can be loaded at once two missiles and said that these ships, not being a class icebreaking vessels will be unable to deliver the "Unions" in French Guiana from St. Petersburg in the winter.

In addition to the blocks of missiles, the ship will be loaded boosters "Frigate", which are produced in Moscow at the Lavochkin, as well as containers of kerosene for fueling "Soyuz" and armored tanks with toxic fuel components for the upper stage "Fregat".

"One rocket is 10 containers, the same containers loaded with kerosene, and placed in the hold up to five containers with special equipment", — said the deputy head of the Central Design Bureau Progress. He added that the ferries to the Russian missiles are in the port city of Kourou, which is located near the launch site, through the French port of Le Havre. Distance in 8000 110 miles across the Atlantic, the ship travels in 11 or 15 days depending on the chosen route.

Answering the question why the "Unions" can not be delivered to the equator planes, Dmitry Baranov explained that this is not economically feasible. "We considered transportation of missiles transport aircraft" Ruslan ", but this is difficult as the technical side, and economically. Therefore abandoned this plan, "- said the deputy director general of TsSKB Progress.

Kourou or the Guiana Space Centre (Centre Spatial Guyanais) located in French Guiana (South America), 50 kilometers from the city of Cayenne — between the towns of Kuru and Sannmari — on the Atlantic coast on the strip length of 60 and width of 20 kilometers. Guiana Space Center is designed primarily for launching geostationary satellites.

Construction of its equatorial launch site in France began in 1965 on the initiative of the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES). Currently, the main spaceport pads are the property of the European Space Agency (ESA). The first launch from Kourou was conducted April 9, 1968.
The project to build a launch pad to launch the upgraded rocket "Soyuz-ST" in French Guiana — one of the priority areas of cooperation and the Russian Space Agency ESA. The agreement on Russia's participation in the launch of "Soyuz" from Kourou was signed November 19, 2002 during a visit to France, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. In December 2002, the Russian experts of the Russian-French joint venture Starsem started choosing a location for the construction of the launch pad to launch the upgraded Russian carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST".

The pad for the commercial launch of the Russian "Soyuz" space center in French will cost 344 million euros, all funds for the construction of the launch complex stand the European side. Due to the location of the Guiana Space Center in the equatorial region of the Earth, the modernized Russian rocket "Soyuz-ST" will be able to put into orbit heavier satellites than running from the Russian Baikonur and Plesetsk.
In addition, the project will enable Russia to extend considerably the commercial use of the family of launch vehicles "Union" in the global launch services market.

The first launch missiles — "Soyuz-ST" with European satellite is scheduled for December 17, 2010. Will lead to a geostationary communications satellite into orbit, "Hylas -1" of the company «Avanti Communications». The first "Soyuz" is already assembled in the assembly — test facility.

It is assumed that commercial launches of "Soyuz-ST" from the spaceport in Kourou will be implemented over a decade, the year will be about four starts. The program includes the creation of the launch complex launch, modernization of the carriers themselves, as well as their adaptation to the conditions of use in hot and humid equatorial conditions.
According to RIA Novosti, and the company "Transport Systems"

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