Space satellites in the service of the trans-Ural farmers

 In 2013, the total number of agricultural machinery, equipped with GLONASS and GPS, as was 608 units, nearly a hundred more than last year,  such information to the department Technology Policy and Safety Department of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Kurgan region.
Navigation equipment today use 98 agricultural producers Kurgan region, while a year ago the number does not exceed 60.
The most "high-tech" in the Urals is Shumikhinsky district, which uses 78 navigation devices. Among households leads UAB "Path to Communism" Yurgamyshskogo area — 47 units, Ltd. "Dawn" (Lufia area) and PI AF Chapter KFH Nevzorov (Ketovskaya area) and equipped with "electronic assistants" 34 and 30 units of agricultural machinery, respectively.
In the Urals satellite navigation in the agricultural sector is being implemented since 2008. During this time, the economy of the region have purchased the equipment by 48.2 million, but the cost savings through its use nearly double — 94 million rubles.
The total area of fields that are created e-cards, now exceeds 124,000 hectares.
According to forecasts, by 2015 the majority of farmland Zauralye be covered by monitoring the use of space technologies.

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