Space technology in the service of Volgogradenergo

Return on the use of vehicles and machinery continues to grow after the semi-manual satellite system GLONASS domestic production in Volgograd branch of JSC "IDGC of the South".

Since the beginning of 2013 the entire vehicle fleet of the largest distribution company of the Volgograd region — and it is almost 900 units of motor vehicles and special vehicles — operated "under the supervision of the cosmos." Equipping the fleet with modern technology, which uses just two navigation systems: GLONASS and GPS, allows the Volgograd power companies to track the movement of vehicles in real time.

The introduction of such a system was a breakthrough in the control and optimization of the operating units of JSC "IDGC of the South". Daily monitoring of the operation of vehicles Grid Company demonstrates a positive trend — dramatically reduced machinery downtime, reduce costs, the human factor was excluded in making the operating data. All this allows the company to a sound approach to the organization of the production process and virtually eliminates malfunctions. 

Features of the software used in the Volgograd branch of JSC "IDGC of the South" can not only observe the work of crews of Power dispatchers all six production units and 36 distribution zones, but also to adjust the movements of teams, based on their current location and destination. As a result, less time for repair and reconstruction, reduces the cost of fuel and lubricants and consumables, resulting in an overall decrease in costs of production activities of the Company.

It should be noted that a more efficient use of machines and mechanisms for the implementation of the operational tasks to ensure the most reliable and uninterrupted power supply for the Volgograd power industry has become particularly important at this stage, when out of debt for the transport of electricity from large industrial plants, power grid and related supply companies Volgograd branch is forced to work in a tight economy.

At the moment, energy solve a new problem — make adjustment of the interaction of the satellite system with accounting software package and manufacturing enterprise software for automatic data recording. What is sure to give positive results.

Thus, the analysis of the first six months of operation of GLONASS shows a positive trend. A significant reduction in manufacturing costs in servicing the electric grid complex, increasing the efficiency of power engineering teams carried out repair and restoration work — that's only part of the positive aspects of the functioning system that is fully consistent with the objectives identified technical policy of JSC "IDGC of the South".

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