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Progress gives a person more likely to experience the effects of space weather processes on the Sun affect the electronics of satellites in space, their displays at high latitudes can be dangerous for aircraft and ground-based communications. To predict the behavior of space weather, you need to gather a lot of data. Employees of the department are engaged in online space monitoring Scientific-Research Institute of Nuclear Physics. DV Skobel'tsyn MSU. They analyze the spatial information and spread the data publicly available on a specially constructed for this Portal.

The project "Development of Internet technology to provide access to the Russian space projects" supported
Federal Target Program "Research and Development" 2007-2013. Term — from September 2011 to September 2012. The amount of funding — 14 million rubles.

The magnetosphere of the Earth in 3D on the portal of "Space Weather"

Department of operational space monitoring appeared in NPRI in 2005, when the space was launched the first satellite of Moscow State University "University — Tatiana." The satellite operated UV detector and a set of instruments designed to study the radiation environment in space. The Division has been collecting and processing data from these devices. Then came the second "Tatiana", space laboratory "Coronas-Photon" — a Russian space project involving the MiFi, ISR, Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow State University and other institutions — Hydromet satellite "Meteor-M1" and "Electro-L1." Soon to be launched satellite "Lomonosov, "Which will carry instruments to study high energy cosmic rays, gamma-ray bursts in the universe, the fluxes of energetic particles in the magnetosphere and transient optical phenomena in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. The tasks of the operational space monitoring — data obtained from satellites, processing, storage, visualization, scientific analysis and publication of data on the site.

The main scientific work of the department related to the analysis of cosmic radiation and study the impact of solar activity on the near-Earth space. Research results show how the structure of the magnetic field under the influence of solar activity, and allow us to estimate the state of near-Earth space radiation. The department employs 25 people — programmers and researchers who are involved in both experimental and theoretical research. "Even before the unit was added, I was a theorist, studied models of the magnetospheric magnetic field, — says the head of the department Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Vladimir Kalegaev. — Analyzing the data, we work with a variety of experts from different departments INP — in solar physics, cosmic ray, by radiation belts, according to the magnetospheric magnetic field. "

Depending on the weather

"We are, of course, are interested in the practical application of our results," — said Vladimir Vladimirovich. The man is not very often, but sometimes very noticeable faces the effects of space weather. Active processes on the Sun affect increased radiation in the near-Earth space, which can damage electronic "stuffing" of satellites in low-Earth orbit. As a result of the work space technology failures occur, not too often — every few years — but is that the satellites are losing control or stopped communicating.

  • Vladimir_Kalegaev
  • Vladimir_Kalegaev

Vladimir Kalegaev: "The results of basic research is not easy to use in practice"

At high latitudes, the energetic particles produced during Solar Flares, can penetrate deep into the atmosphere, and the passengers of aircraft engaged on transcontinental flights over the polar regions are at risk to get a higher dose of radiation. Another manifestation of solar activity — magnetic storms — can cause changes in the intensity and geometry of the magnetospheric magnetic field, and then in power lines or lines at high latitudes there are currents induced by high power that can cause hardware failures. Most exposed to this area of Canada, located at high geomagnetic latitudes. There, under the influence of solar activity, the energy blackouts, the most famous of which in 1989 upheld the power supply all the Canadian province of Quebec.

Theory and practice

So from a practical point of view, the results of the department should be of interest to all those whose activities are connected with the cosmos, or pass on the higher latitudes. For example, the same transcontinental flight in the event of a magnetic storm can be undone, but you can, based on the forecast of scientists, just change its trajectory. The flight will last longer, but will still take place.

But in order to do these results have been used, we need strong ties with those whom they may come in handy. For example, with the Russian Space Agency and its subordinate enterprises. Here there are difficulties, explains Vladimir Vladimirovich, "The results of basic research is not easy to use in practice, because scientific models are too complex to be implemented directly in industrial processes. It is not always possible to specify the parameters of the models to make calculations in real time. And that is what is required for decision-making practices. We have to simplify and adapt the model to replace the missing information, so we pretty hard work with the organizations that need is not so much the exact measurements and calculations of how much a specific forecast what will happen: the satellite with electronic equipment. In this sense, we have hard to find common ground. But we try. That web-based system that we have developed to help with this, although I think that it is not completely satisfy even the application users. "

Internet system

Servers of the operational space monitoring

Online system, created in the department of operational space monitoring — a set of programs. They work with the information that comes in real time with Russian and foreign satellites and other online resources. "Over the past few years have changed dramatically relation to scientific data, — said Vladimir Vladimirovich. — If 20 years ago, they took care of everything, tried to use in your own research, and only after some time, began to share them, but now the information is so much, that alone does not deal with it. Scientific studies have become international. With the improvement of electronic devices have changed, their growth measurements — seconds or fractions of seconds, so from outer space come gigabytes of information. In general, it has now become a sign of good manners to make scientific data publicly available. This is facilitated by such a wonderful invention of mankind, as the internet. Now there are many sites where lies the information needed to work. " In addition, there is a global division of labor: there is no point to different countries to run the same satellites in the same orbit. So, for example, data on th
e flow of the solar wind, which is incident on the Earth, collecting U.S. satellite ACE,
residing in the libration point between the Earth and the Sun. Geomagnetic indices scientists are from Japan, where the geophysical center of Kyoto, which expects them to researchers around the world. Scientists INP just opened on the fluxes of charged particles in the magnetosphere of the cosmic radiation received during the space experiments Institute. In the department of operational space monitoring programs have been developed to automatically receive information, decode it, and recorded in a database which can be accessed through the website.

Processing of complex information allows department staff to predict space weather automatically. In doing so, they help to model the space environment: the magnetospheric magnetic field, cosmic rays, solar wind velocity, geomagnetic indices, running in standalone mode on the basis of incoming space information. Full automation of processes of loading information, its processing and presentation on the website allows you to continuously monitor the space weather, which is the main reason for pride for developers of Internet systems.

Expensive equipment on which the system works — servers, storage, cooling, power protection — acquired by means of the program of development of the Moscow State University, and she developed an information system on the state contract with the Ministry of Education.

Catherine Borovikova

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