Spacecraft Luch-5A delivered to Baikonur

At the airport "Jubilee" Baikonur flight from Krasnoyarsk, Russia delivered the relay satellite "Luch-5A".


Specialists of the Russian space industry spend unloading of the cargo compartment of the aircraft AN-124-100 ("Ruslan") of the container with the spacecraft. After the installation of the container on the train platform, the satellite will be transported to the site 31 spaceport, where he will be trained to run.

Launching of a space rocket "Proton-M" with the upper stage "Breeze-M" and a cluster of two satellites — the Russian "Luch-5A" and Israel's "Amos-5» (AMOS-5) scheduled for December.

Spacecraft "Luch-5A" is a relay satellite designed to work with low-flying satellites with orbital altitude of 2000 km above the surface of the Earth (manned space systems, spacecraft and launch vehicles, upper stages). The satellite will receive information from them (such as telemetry and destination) on portions of the flight outside the zones of visibility from Russia and retransmit it in real time on Russian earth stations. At the same time, will be possible to transmit these commands to the spacecraft.

"Luch-5A" will be able to accurately target their antennas on low-flying objects rocket and space technology, capture and accompany them on the flight path. For this, SC will have two large antennas with narrow directivity patterns (single Ku-band, and the other — S-band) each of which is independently able to accompany his. Total on board the satellite transponders 7 S-and Ku-bands. In addition, "Ray-5A" is able to receive the signals of the "COSPAS-SARSAT" and broadcast them to the ground stations. In addition, the "Ray" will transmit corrections to measurements performed by satellites of the GLONASS system, which will increase the accuracy of the measurement signal.

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