Spacecraft Nimik-6 launched into the target orbit

May 18 at 8:00 MSK 26 minutes in accordance with cyclogram flight after separation from the upper stage "Breeze-M" spacecraft (SC) 'Nimik-6 "launched into the target orbit. Management of spacecraft delivered to the customer launch.

Spacecraft "Nimik-6" (Canada) is designed to provide direct broadcast satellite television high definition.

The upper stage "Breeze-M" and the rocket "Proton-M" are designed and manufactured at the State Research and Production Space Center. Khrunichev.

Start Launch Vehicle (ILV) "Proton-M" with the upper stage (RB) "Breeze-M" and communications spacecraft (SC) 'Nimik-6 "has successfully made the day before from a platform 81 Baikonur starting calculations of rocket-space industry Russia.

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