Specials Fund for the record of the strange glow of graves in cemeteries

November 18, 2012 7:33

The American Association for the study of anomalous phenomena has established a special fund for the study of the strange glow of graves in cemeteries.

Photo: Unexplained glow over the grave of Turkish martyr.  fanparty.ru

Photo: Unexplained glow over the grave of Turkish martyr. fanparty.ru

The fact is that in recent years, such cases have become more frequent, and this phenomenon is recorded in many cemeteries USA. Thus, even in Washington, DC, in Arlington, for one month three times been seen greenish glow of war graves.

However, for such examples are not far to seek: in Russia and neighboring countries, cases glow graves as part … Igumen cemetery on the island of Valaam in the dark night can be a slight glow of light green color. Eyewitnesses describe this phenomenon is about the same. Radiant light as if flowing out of the ground, creating an aura of the graves.

He poured a small height — up to a meter. In this case, the glow has no explicit source, center and illuminates the surrounding objects. Sometimes glow wanders through the cemetery, a low moving underground shapeless bright spot.
For in the cemetery in the Estonian city of Tartu researchers of anomalous phenomena even installed video cameras to capture the glow, which is often the locals say. Head of Tartu Member's unknown Janis Perkman personally observed the glow over the common grave of Soviet soldiers, but when watching videos found that the sensitivity of the camera is not enough to fix this thing.
Described dozens of similar cases in the cemeteries of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Perhaps the most famous in this regard is Malookhtinsky Cemetery in St. Petersburg. It was founded in the XVII century and closed for burials about 60 years ago. However, the radiation graves there happens every year, and therefore the old cemetery has acquired a dubious reputation. It regularly make their nightly satanic covens.
Despite the fact that the mere glow graves undisputed, scientific explanation for this phenomenon is still not. The most widely believed that the glow is phosphorus, which are extracted from the death of the human body in the process of decomposition.
However, critics break phosphoric version in the dust. Green phosphorescent light is not able to break through the thick of the land of 2 meters. Multiple experiments were conducted when the ground laid in a wooden box large amounts of glowing phosphorus, and then on the surface in the dark to attempt to fix the glow. All experiments ended in vain.
In fact, the decision of American researchers to tackle this problem closely — the first serious step to reveal the secrets of glowing graves.

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