Speech and mathematics in the human brain evolve independently




Rosemary Varley (Rosemary Varley) and her colleagues at the British University of Sheffield (University of Sheffield) have found evidence that the development of mathematical abilities are not associated with the development of language skills, as scientists previously believed.

The popular theory that asserts that the development of language in humans contributed to the development and thought — shaken by the results of several studies Varley.

She studied three people with extensive damage to the left hemisphere of the brain, including language areas. The two could not speak at all, and the third — only fragmentary simple sentences.

But they were "competent" Solvers able to solve simple problems on subtraction, division and multiplication.

Patients are not able to identify the changes make sense proposals, analyzing their syntax (eg, reversible sentences such as "boy chasing a girl" and "girl chased the boy"). But they did not have any problems with the mathematical equivalent of such a reversal, such as "7 minus 2" and "2 minus 7."

Most experts believe that understanding the syntax much to handle math record. "We pitched this idea to pieces," — says Varley.


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