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April 10, 2012 10:00

Victoria Subota (photo

Victoria Subota (photo

"Humankind has not fulfilled its mission. Therefore, neither of which side of the world, and there can be no "- commented fashionable topic (according to the Mayan calendar, it will come in December 2012), one of the most powerful member of the" Battle of psychics "on TNT Subota Victoria. Unique clairvoyant told an interesting story of his life and shared outlook.

We are waiting for the revival of the USSR

— Victoria, on your expectation, what national calamities, troubles await us in the near future?

— Year of the Black Dragon — the year of great financial means. It is true that the sky will not fall, will have to work hard. In the second half of the year (from July) should not be afraid to take a mortgage: lower the interest rate in banks.

— We are afraid of the light in the end of December 2012. What can you say about this?

— The end of the world is not wait, at least in the next few years, 600-800. Land — this is hell. (I communicate with the souls of the dead, so I know whereof I speak.) Disease, aging, pain … In these earthly sufferings of the soul must learn to love — yourself and the world around us.

— There are many predictions about the great future of Russia. Your opinion?

— Russia recovered from the shock, the power will increase year by year. Over time, it was Russia that will become the center of civilization — both spiritual and economic. It was in 2012, our country will begin to grow and thrive, a new era. High probability that the revival of the Soviet Union will — not all the former republics and will include, but most certainly.

Preparing a new economic strategy. Earlier this year, I have, however, were not too pleasant vision in this respect — the state budget is almost reduced to zero. But the situation will improve. Those who try to climb to power, and singing the ode: "We will do everything to Russia, we will serve the people", driven by one idea — to get rich, get rich, finally plunder the resources of our country. Putin, of course, is not perfect, but he did a lot, and will be doing for Russia!

I see a tangible reduction in unemployment. Of bad news — in some parts of the country will begin a strike and even armed uprisings. But the big conflicts, fortunately, can be avoided.

— And what will science?

— While nothing. To scientists reach penny science is not very well funded.

The ability of the human body are endless

— When will invent a cure for AIDS, cancer?

— Back in 1998 I received information how to treat AIDS. Scheme exists, and is quite simple. But doctors are not, alas, are investigating the cause of the disease, and are trying to deal with the consequence that is fundamentally wrong.

The main causes of these diseases — weak immune system, lack of self-love and self-belief. (Those who were able to love yourself and accept this, what is there to be changing, and his life changes, such a person is able to love other people. It is unfortunate that there is no subject in school, which was taught to love herself and give love to all mankind, and live!)

The ability of the human body are endless. I was once a cancer of the gastro-intestinal tract. But I knew that you can not die, we must raise her son (then only had a son, a daughter born later). I do not lose heart. Transmission was not looking where to show death and destruction. Do not read books about diseases — man kills this kind of information. I knew for myself that as a result of certain actions in the body produces an enzyme happiness, which can reduce the number of cancer cells. I recovered. My grandmother lived to 106 years, and 105 people took — a healer. She said, to live and be happy, one must remain a child at heart until his departure. Man must fight for life. Fight and love. Why fight, you ask, if our lives — the hell? Yes, because we have someone to live for. Second, only love can turn hell into heaven.

— A lot of talk about the possibility to get in touch with the dead, friends, family — when the opportunity arises?

— I'm getting in touch with the spirits of dead people. And we, psychics (as we call it), scientists say: we obtain the same information that you know no one is unreal! We learn, we will put your head under any instrument (smiles).

Was in my experience a story. One man, a scientist, stole a car. He came to me. And just at the door, said: "If you tell me what brand of car was it — I believe you." I named the brand. He was surprised. But then he said, "Maybe you accidentally guessed it! What color was the car? "I said. Also "top ten." I see fans a scientist, "No, all the same brand and color is not an indicator. But if you say, for what streets to steal a car … "I answered correctly. "This can not be, how do you know? I do not understand! "" So learn me "- I said. "Alas, — he said — until such technology no money to study, too …"

— If you can, ask about the most mysterious dead man of our century — Michael Jackson. It is said that he "invented" his own death and retired to some secret place, right?

— Come to me quite well-known people with this issue. I told them the same thing that you are going to say: Michael died, he was no longer among the living.

About "The Battle of psychics" on TNT:

"In the 90 years I have often been involved in television, a generation older than my age and I know it. I never advertise, worked by the "word of mouth" — one person helped, he told me the other (the most important indicator of performance — recommendations). Her husband insisted that I took part in the "Battle of the Psychics" — thanks to the program learned about me and the younger generation, for this I am grateful channel TNT. "

About the most memorable trials:

"The hardest part for me was to find a man in the ground. Because this man was a stuntman. He was not afraid to sit in their shelter. When a person is afraid — formed around him as if energy of fear, these feelings picks psychic. Stuntman, firstly, used to the extreme situations. Second, he knew that even if the psychics not find him, he will pull out of the shelter staff channel. He was calm. "Quiet power" in such cases it is difficult to detect.

The easiest thing for me was to find a man hidden in the trunk of a car in the parking lot. Found quickly. People, the owners of cars that were in the hangar at the trial, expressed a desire to re-check my clairvoyance. Perepryatat person in the other car, the search did not last more than three minutes. "

About Stanislav Sadalsky (actor was invited to be an observer on one of the tests. Seeing Victoria, he was discouraged and even frightened. Was found out that an artist with a scandalous reputation and clairvoyant — old friends):

"Stas we met in the early 90's. He came to us (and I was working in the magic cabin), with our help, to find his friend — he was missing. Unfortunately, my colleagues and I have not seen another Sadalsky among the living, he was killed. We were told about this Stas. But he was not ready for that information, and began to scream foul on us (was me and two other young women.) I made the remark, demanded an apology. But he continued to shout. So, I said, go away, but carefully watch your step …

Passed about a month, I was invited to a reception, and there was Sadalsky. When he saw me, he started to scream: go away, you have brought me damage, coming out of your salon, I fell down on level ground and damaged the meniscus leg hurts … To which I replied, and it will not work until you learn to treat women politely. And Stas wrote a huge article in the newspaper, on the whole page — how the gypsy brought upon him damage (he later apologized for yet arranged inside the scandal). When he saw me on the transfer, the reaction was … rough. Ran and shouted to me: why do you come here, you have long since proved that the ability is … "

The photos, which our interlocutor shows his hand, always show two cross. On the left — the dark, on the right — light. I saw the pictures — no installation is impressive. A chill runs up the spine, as is always the case, when faced with something unknown …

Kataev Victoria

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