Stargate open. The invasion has begun. First, Texas, and now Portugal.

Events in Portugal took place on May 11, 2011 at 3:30 am local time

Video footage from Portugal and Texas resemble film stills alien invasion, it is not a feature film, and the actual events.

The invasion has begun?

I think all of you have watched the movie "Stargate", well, now it seems that the action of the movie fiction becomes reality.
First in Texas on May 10, fixed plasma geomagnetic anomaly, involving the materialization and the emergence of a UFO, and now the same situation is happening in Portugal.

What is happening is similar to the activation subspace tunnel through which our world and penetrate the unknown "guests".

Stargate activated.

Who comes through them into our world — friends or foes, the gods or demons patrons destroyers, I think we'll find out soon …


Events in Texas, occurred on May 11, 2011



I remind you of events in Texas, occurred on the same day as in Portugal.



Brian Luenser, who lives in Texas, managed to shoot a video, a strange event happened at night on May 10 in Fort Worth, like plasma balls, flashes, explosions, something anomalous and hard to classified.

Brian Luenser: «This was after quite a severe thunderstorm in Fort Worth, Texas May 10, 2011. Video taken from my balcony on the 34th floor of a building in Fort Worth. At first I thought that the United States is at war or we were attacked by terrorists. I took my camera with my 70-200 2.8L IS lens and filmed the event. What you see in the video, there is actually a lot more than you think, about 5 miles away. That's why you do not hear the sounds of explosions in the video. I managed to shoot some detail what is happening. "

Further, the author leads, links to sites where other witnesses to the incident, give your comments: «Fort Worth — Fire and police dispatchers were busy Tuesday night answering calls about" fireballs "in the sky and on the ground in Fort Worth.

As the representative of the energy campaign Oncor — Jeamy Molina, during a storm and after it was struck by several transformers, which led to more than 550 power outages throughout the city.

About 210 strokes of the clouds in the ground, have been reported in Tarrant County from 8 am to 9 pm, said the National Weather Service (meteorologist Matt Mosier), who said that he could not determine the exact location where they were 210 strong charge from the atmosphere.

Another 120 cases of lightning strikes in a certain area of land, have been reported from 9 to 10 pm, said Mr. Mosier.

At 10:30 pm Tuesday, police blocked the East Street to Oakland Boulevard.

Calls started coming around 9:00 from the area of White Lake, which is located in the hills along Interstate 30 east of Oakland and west of East Loop 820.

Columnist Star-Telegram — Bob Ray Sanders said that whatever it was, it was a disaster.

— "I saw the lightning, and it was not lightning!" He said.
— "Maybe it was triggered by lightning, but that's what I can not even imagine."

Sanders said he was in his house on Randol Mill Road, when he saw "a flash in the air."

— "I saw fire in the sky and on the ground," he said.
— "I saw 10 or 12 explosions. It was similar to how someone dropped a bomb. "

He went out and got into the car, that would be directed to the place of an event, which would assess the situation more closely and saw that the street lights and traffic lights across the city are not working.

2 fire occurred west of Riverbend Estates, north of I-30 and west of Loop 820, he saw them and can attest.

Anselm Knabe, who lives near Randol Mill and Oakland, said she heard an explosion around 9 pm, May 10.

When she looked outside, then she said she saw that:

— "The whole earth, the sky, the roof and the air — spark."
— "I thought that my house is lit. Fortunately, we have a metal roof and the fire did not happen. "

Police officers from the local police department, they say, that at this time, phones in their department did not stop for a minute, everywhere received requests for help.

— "I need help Onkore here off the transformer," said one of the people to the police.

Manager said that they filled up similar challenges, and said:

— "I'll add you to the list. Wait "

Fort Worth firefighters, were also inundated with calls coming in about the fire of energy supply, according to fire officials Tim Hardman.


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Fort Worth (born Fort Worth) — a city in the U.S., located in the central-eastern part of Texas. The administrative center of Tarrant County. Along with Dallas and other cities in agglomeration (Arlington, Garland, Denton, Irving, Mesquite and Plano) Fort Worth metropolitan area is («metroplex») «Dallas-Fort Worth." Fort Worth is the 5th largest city of Texas and the 19th in the U.S. (534.694 thousand. As of 2000), itself a metropolis "Dallas-Fort Worth" is the 4th largest in the United States (5, 7 million.). Center for Agricultural Industry and Tourism.

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