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In various parts of the world, over the entire surface of the Earth are special points that mystics call "places of power." These singular points of the planet are the keepers of divine wisdom, they have a special energy and human consciousness are some light codes, which beneficially affect the physical and mental health and are able to uncover the secrets of the ancient knowledge, finding that he could use it to benefit yourself and others.

The complex of the Great Pyramid of Giza is the central point of the system, its "North Pole." It originates electromagnetic coil, which, on the principle of twisting Fibonacci embraces the entire surface of the Earth. Therefore, some of the most powerful, sacred sites are located in the territory of Egypt. Today we tell you about the places for thousands of years been used to great initiation into the spiritual mystery of man.

According to ancient Egyptian texts, the sacred sites of ancient Egypt, where the open star portals and where on Earth are powerful vibrations of higher dimensions is of Giza, Saqqara, Luxor, Karnak, Dendera, Tell el-Amarna and the Temple of Isis on the island near the Phil Aswan. Cakralnye point of our planet still contain messages that researchers have not been able to decipher.

In the "Emerald Tablets" of Hermes Trismegistus, which the Egyptians associated with God Thoth, it is said that the Great Pyramid was conducted initiation process — "Initiation" adept in the secret knowledge, and the "camera Pharaoh" was the room of initiation. Initiations conducted two: the first — in the sarcophagus, and the second took place after many years in the center of the room, marked the middle diagonally. In Egyptian practices required twelve years of schooling of the Left Eye of Horus, and twelve years in the School of Human Eye of Horus to get to the stage of "initiation", and only after twenty-four years of training to recognize the adept ready for initiation.

Luis Ortega, academic, philosopher, Nobel laureate, wrote:

"Between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid was earlier Gallery arcana. Twenty senior major arcana were located on both sides of the gallery, and they are made up of minerals existing arcana. Neophyte, touching an obelisk lasso, get knowledge directly. "

Above the sarcophagus, which is located in the "King's Chamber" is a strange structure, resembling a beehive. The structure is composed of the four elements of the same shape but different materials. They are superimposed on each other and form a galvanic cell. This feature, and now emits strong vibrations that register not only devices, but the pendulum. This vibration was the wave of the life or death of a wave, depending on whether someone has been initiated. Egyptian priests knew how to relay to model this wave for treatment.

In the Great Pyramid Egyptian priests held mysteries of Osiris and Isis. The priests were taught on the stars to predict the future and to make contact with the cosmic forces. Drunvalo, scientific and esoteric, in the book "The Secret Egyptian Mystery" writes:

"Ancient Egyptian Mysteries taught that the divine energies come to the top of the Great Pyramid, which is likened to an inverted tree with the crown at the bottom and top of the roots. From this inverted tree the divine wisdom spreads down the sloping sides and spread out around the world. The triangular shape of the pyramid is similar posture of the human body, it takes on traditional meditation. The Great Pyramid, on a plan of priests, likened the universe, its top — man, reaching for God. After a mysterious corridors and chambers of the Great Pyramid were initiated, they were as people, and came out as Gods.

Dedicated people regain the original state of divine purity and knowledge with which he began his cycle of earthly incarnations. "

Molecular biologist and physicist Peter Garyaev George Tertyshny called pyramid complex Kailash in Tibet, a "matrix of life on Earth" — so striking was his resemblance to the spatial structure of DNA. Pyramid complexes are energoinformatsiyu from space and translates directly into the DNA of living organisms. In the ancient Tibetan texts written, the sacred mountain of Kailash was built through the power of the five elements — Air, Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.

Bonpo Lama explains that because the five elements must be understood as psychic energy. Professor Ernst Muldashev writes that "there is a strict mathematical system location of the pyramids and ancient monuments in the world, since the pyramids were built with the aim of entering the world of" subtle energies. "

As described in the Tibetan religion, Atlanta gained access to knowledge Lemurian on mastering the power of spiritual energy. These true knowledge was recorded in the famous "golden plates", which, according to legend, hidden in the deep recesses of Tibet and the Himalayas.
Some scientists believe that in the geometric shape of the pyramids encrypted information about the structure of the universe, the solar system and the person. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato was open positive effect five geometric shapes — cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodekaedra the energy structure of the person. Scientists suggest that the five lattices have a powerful harmonizing and activating effect on the center of man, which is achieved by generating torsion fields Platonic solids. Pythagoras believed that each of the geometric shapes is a model of the corresponding element: tetrahedron — Fire Cube — Earth octahedron — air, icosahedron — Waters, dodecahedron — Ether. These elements are the building blocks of the universe.

The human body is a hologram of the universe and contains the same principles and laws. At the microscopic level, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron are relative parameters of DNA, a plan by which all life is built.

Edgar Cayce, the American clairvoyant and healer, claimed that the Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza stored records and household items Atlantis, proving the existence of a highly developed science and technology in the past. Pyramid, according to Casey, was built between 10 490 and 10 390 years before Christ. Casey called the Pyramid of Cheops' Pyramid of understanding. " It is, he says, was created using the phenomenon of levitation. The Great Pyramid is a giant powerful generator of special energy used pharaohs and priests. The scientists found that the pyramid is the best form of the so-called hub radiestezicheskogo radiation due to the influence of the Earth. This radiation is highly penetrating and subtle effects, resulting in changes in the physical, chemical and biological properties of objects, including living organisms and humans.

Temple of Dendera is dedicated to goddess Hathor — the daughter of solar deities worshiped by Egyptians as a symbol of femininity, motherhood, and referred to as "Ms. Gold." Hathor was celebrated as a cosmic deity, from which life originated, she was worshiped in ancient times and is worshiped to this day — the pilgrims to visit the shrine and make this their mysterious rites.

In the ancient period of Hathor was worshiped as Celestial Cow, who gave birth to the sun, she was the personification of the Milky Way, represents the ancient Egyptians as the Celestial Cow milk. Hathor temple symbolizes the idea of a new birth, embodied in the form of construction, which is built in the form of a magical musical instrument of the goddess Hathor — Sistrom through vibrations which dissipate the negative and positive energies attract. According to the official Egyptology, Hathor, or Hathor — "House of Horus", which means "sky" — is the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, in ancient times it was identified with Isis, but in modern esoteric tradition Hathors — is uplifted intergalactic civilization that in Ancient Egypt coexisted with us, and then left Earth.

Connection of the goddess Hathor with Heaven highlights the abundance of beautiful astronomical images in her temple at Dendera. Eighteen columns of the first hall of the Temple symbolizes not only a system tray, but the "support of Heaven." The sky goddess Nut represented that swallows the sun in the evening, at night and returns revives the world the next morning. In the Temple of Hathor at Dendera in ancient times was a majestic building with a sacred lake and underwater temple, in rooms, compartments which held sacred scrolls. Now this place — going down a rectangular pit of large stone blocks, at the bottom of which the palm trees.

Of papyrus texts known to the ancient Egyptian priests with shapes, images, and in the legends and myths encrypts knowledge of the universe that can be understood only by initiates. For centuries people passed each other the myths, legends and images of mysterious figures and symbols inscribed on the pillars of ancient temples and houses of worship, unaware of their true meaning. One of these ancient messages — Dender Zodiac, Zodiac, or Osiris, which was installed on the ceiling of a chapel on the roof of the temple of Hathor, where encrypted cyclical processes of planet Earth, the frequency of recurrence of global disasters, and more.

In the second half of December, during the Winter Solstice of the majestic pyramids at Giza in Cairo, offers one of the most powerful stellar portals through which the Earth are powerful vibrations higher dimensions. At the same time revealed the Stargate at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, where on Earth a powerful stream of energy poured higher planes.

Pyramids around the world began to emit beams of energy in the region of photon cloud. Although NASA hides information about the strange cloud of photons, which is now almost covered the entire solar system, the information is still leaked from some scientists. And now, to the extent that it is unknown how the cloud penetrates into the solar system, it starts to have an impact on the Sun and planets inexplicably. The amazing thing is that at the same time as this strange energy invading our space, some of the most famous pyramids of the world begin to produce intense energy. Several cases where powerful visible beams were injected into the space in the direction of the photon cloud, were well documented. At the same time, people around the world have begun to observe and record the strange frightening sounds and noises that appear as if the earth itself is groaning and crying. All these phenomena, including the unprecedented giant has ever turbulent emissions in the Sun, probably triggered by the presence of the photon cloud.

Egypt — a place of power, where we can awaken a memory to recall his past life in Egypt, to realize who we really are in this life, and what is our mission. Are we prepared to make the upcoming transition to the next dimension in the full knowledge of the human experience from past incarnations?

The first sign of the beginning of the transition of the world to another dimension is the sharp drop in the magnetic field of the Earth. Magnetic field disappears completely for at least three and a half days.

Axis shift and the shift in consciousness are usually interrelated. This will happen when our minds begin in the fourth dimension, and the consciousness of the third dimension will disappear. With the majority of people the following will happen: they will go to sleep and dream for 3-4 days. When the world will enter the fourth dimension in your mind, the light will return. Much will remain unchanged during the transition from one world. Your physical form remains unchanged, but the atomic structure of your body will change dramatically. The density of the previous physical structure will be largely converted into energy, and the atomic structure is more tenuous than ever. Most of the body will be transferred into energy. On Earth in the third dimension to about 18 to 21 years to go from the child's condition to the state in which you are free to take care of themselves. In the world of the fourth dimension empirically takes about two years to go from your present state of growth to adulthood.

We told you that usually happens when the planet has in the fourth dimension. And now we present a new hypothesis that can happen now, at the beginning of XXI century. Sometimes, in order to facilitate the transition to the planet is an anomaly. In this case, the old measurement is recreated in a way to pay off the old karma and make the transition into the next world smoother. This rarely happens at the global level, but it is theoretically possible. However, for such an initiation requires a very high level of consciousness, and to achieve it, as a rule, very, very problematic. Edgar Cayce said that the axis of the Earth will change, "the winter of 1998," but it has not changed. According to other predictions, we had to move to a higher dimension or destroy themselves for August 11, 1999, but, apparently, it also did not happen. Maybe we have already moved into the fourth dimension, and just do not know about this? It is likely …

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