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Meteorite Sukhinov. Chip meteorite weighing 2.6 kg and measuring: Found 16h13h10 see he was back in 1995, but study it in detail Sergei Sukhinov only in 2009. What he saw when we look incredibly impressed him. On the surface of the object he recognized characters, as well as fused parts of the electronics …

In 1995, Sergei Sukhinov found on the edge of a large forest tract, located just 25 km from Moscow, a strange piece of stone weighing about 2.15 kg. For a variety of features (pronounced melted crust, numerous craters, chondrules, iron inclusions, flat faces of faults, etc.), the author finds decided that he had found a huge piece of stone railway car, a fall which once formed the ancient oval crater size about 1.5 km x 1 km.

In the summer of 2009 Sergey Sukhinov began studying the meteorite found by using modern digital technology. As a result, it is found on the entire surface of the celestial stone more than 600 miniature strange structures. Some of them are very similar to the fragments of burnt electronics and other Arabic numerals, the third letter of the alphabets of many of the Earth, the fourth word! Very often (more than 150 times) repeated the sign, just repeating one of the letters of the ancient Devanagari alphabet, basic Sanskrit.

A similar sign, as it turned out, was found on the surface of a UFO once photographed in Georgia, and a UFO, sailors discovered off the coast of Japan in the late eighteenth century.

Something seems to me that a reputable Sergei Sukhinov imagining things. I remember as a child, and I saw the clouds instead of funny animals, and now, just a cloud …


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