Sun Company: ink of Russia are gaining popularity abroad

Sun Company summed up the first results of the last year: the sale of ink have increased compared to 2011. All in all — 19%. However the supplies to foreign markets rose by more than 50%.

Stable growth is being solvent ink from SAN — by 15%. The main market — advertising workshops, which are particularly important qualities such as color, stability, rate of drying and print durability.

Are becoming increasingly popular and UV-curable inks, including in overseas countries. That is the direction of the Company SAN showed the strongest growth. The main reasons for the company, is an active policy to promote the product and the work of partners that have emerged in the past year. Is growing and the number of businesses who prefer eco-friendly and energy-efficient UV technology.

"Gradually, the credibility of Russian products in the world increases — says CEO of SUN Yuri Kurochkin.- New customers say the quality and sustainability of our products and the relatively low price. What kasaetsyaUF-ink, there is an important factor — the antibacterial properties, it is a distinctive feature of the product. These "chips" make the product unique. "

Volumes of supplies to the Russian market is also growing, but are more stable and less growth. This indicates the formation of stable and sufficiently extensive pool of customers using the ink from the Company SAN.


Sun Company provide a range of UV inks SunFlower, solvent ink Nanoink and Turbo-S by its own recipes at the plant, located in Novosibirsk. Use in the production of advanced nanotechnology enabled SAN receive government support and join the RUSNANO project companies.

Innovative company SUN— Russian manufacturer and exporter of printing equipment and nanoinks. The unique development of SUN — printing technology based on LEDs, which is different ecology, energy efficiency and allows the application of images on any materials, including water. Production SAN is used in more than 70 countries around the world

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