Sun Company starts production of plastic containers for nanokrasitelya

Sun Company completed the annual testing of dye for plastic containers, stated in a statement. According to the information provided, the test was performed on a large Russian factory-manufacturer of plastic packaging, which is located in Novosibirsk. According to the results, it was concluded the feasibility of industrial production Dye (Using nanotechnology).

New product to replace expensive imported counterparts. On the quality of Russian dye is not inferior to foreign, but it will be cheaper and easier to deliver. We are talking about a segment of liquid dyes, they are now gradually moving companies around the world. They have the advantage — even color and the exact dosage, which allows the manufacturer to save. In addition, nano-additive that develops SUN, dyes will be anti-bacterial.

"In the market there is a lack of affordable and high-quality liquid dyes, — says CEO of SUN Yuri Kurochkin. — That's the niche we strive to occupy. Promising potential of the Company SAN we estimate a 10% market share. In this case, we will go out not only to Russia but also in the neighboring countries, which already have found the first potential partners ".

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