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Russian paranormal investigator Valery Hachani few years ago cut from a magazine photo of a mysterious figure in the Peruvian rock and realized that he will not rest as long as he does not uncover the meaning of each line and hooks. After reviewing a lot of foreign and domestic literature, meeting with dozens of luminaries in the field, he made a sensational discovery, deciphering the world-famous images in the Nazca desert. According to his version of "Chandelier Paracas" — one of the central figures of Nazca, is nothing else but … passport of the Earth, abandoned alien civilization.

— For some reason, — the Hachani — scientists do not pay attention to the fact that the Earth's surface is dotted with huge, incomprehensible, in various patterns. No one came to mind to consider them from the point of view of ordinary human logic …

Nazca desert is covered with gigantic images. Modern scholars refer complex drawings in the desert of Nazca to the local Native American culture. English astronomer D.Hokins calculated that to create these images manually ground would require not less than one hundred thousand man-years! Incredible is the fact that this ambitious and time-consuming work is no mention of any ancient Indian legends and tales, or in the Spanish chronicles. Drawings are executed flawlessly, ideal straight, pad, elongated beams, triangles and trapezoids. Spirals, zigzags, a sine wave. Hachani with supporters believe that someone has done a tremendous amount of work on the creation of hundreds of kilometers of drawings can push the theory that the Peruvian ground figures are traces of the Unknown Reason of the cosmos.

Dr. Maria Reiche archeology — a great authority among researchers mysterious desert. Smashing her face into sectors, she has identified the individual drawings. Since then, scientists around the world think about deciphering "monkey", "bear", "bird" and "spiders." Hachani offered his own theory.

— Until then, the secrets of Nazca were not disclosed for two reasons. First, it was necessary to find the key to the language of drawings. Secondly, each image mistakenly rescued from the complex. This is a big mistake. The whole world knows the figure "monkey." But this is only a fragment of the picture!

According to Hachanova, the key to solving the mystery of thousands of years is a "chandelier Paracas", which is almost 400-meter mountainside Paracas Peninsula. The age of the sign shall be calculated at least two millennia. The history of its origin remains completely unsolved mystery.

— "Chandelier Paracas" — a passport Earth. It is all the information about our planet: the left arm — fauna, right — flora picture entirely — a person's face. The central trunk symbolizes the development of human civilization. Visible near the top of the mark, which resembles a nail. As for the scale, it shows the point at which our planet has reached the first (in the universe there are only six!) Level of civilization. This happened in 1945, when the United States detonated two atomic bombs. "Hat" on top — the designation of the split atom. If you turn the "chandelier" to 180 degrees (a cap is at the bottom), you get crucified, and "nail" will be a nail driven into Christ's feet — a symbol is a warning that the planet may be lost from the nuclear explosion of unprecedented power as a result of conflict.

Who left this information? . This is confirmed by many cultural monuments depicting this mighty predator. They were left as a special sign system. Later, "the lion's Theme" became extremely popular in the work of the peoples of almost all countries of the world. Please note: our planet is literally dotted with statues and other images of these animals. For example, the facade of the Mexican church of the XVIII century Santa Maria de Okotlan mouth with a roaring lion, Indian and Chinese temples decorated bearded heads, Notre Dame, on portals which are 19 lions and how many of these animals on the flags, coats of arms, Europe? Church of St. Nicholas in the Russian bell-ringers can boast magnificent sculpture of a lion. Is that the Eskimos of Alaska are not familiar with the king of beasts.

The information that they will leave us in the form of giant figures are not designed just to archaeologists. "Read" the information you need from a great height, only if their meaning is clear. Photographed images to put in the computer and turn on the coordinate axes. All pictures by rotating produce images of a lion, robot, birds, space ship, men and women. If you turn the "bird" at 90 degrees, you get an image of the principles of genetic engineering. And even data on how the planet has its first guests.

It is believed that in the experiment for the removal of homo sapiens in the world involved not only the "fathers" of the constellation Leo, but also representatives of the constellations Scorpio, Sagittarius, Sail, greyhounds. How did this happen? Let's take a look at the first picture in the scheme of Maria Reiche. This is — a symbolic image of dinosaurs that lived on Earth millions of years ago. Wavy lines denote the flood. Then there are some creatures that resemble men and women. The planet was lifeless, but someone wanted to settle its sentient beings — namely, the primitive people. Most likely, after the Flood appeared on Earth 3-5-foot robots. Russian and foreign scientists, experts have proved that the author of the drawings can not be attributed Nazca desert civilizations of the ancient Indians. Computers have calculated that to meet this colossal work it would take ten times longer than it was given in the story. It could only make robots. The situation is similar to the version that the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt), and the ancient Egyptians built the Sphinx. This is, of course, intentional disinformation. Earlier than the set time, humanity was not to know the truth about their origins.

The information in the Nazca desert is not designed for earthlings. More than two thousand years ago, when she appeared, people might not know any of the nuclear bomb, nor of genetic tests. In that case, who also was addressed to this information? Only one conclusion: those who flew and another will arrive on Earth. Sign of the accident is not in a place where the Andean mountain range! There's an amazing variety of fauna and flora, and a sign of excellent visibility when flying around the globe. And next to the "candelabra" depicts a small figure, it was called "astronaut" and believe that it is an original autograph of artist images.

In general, the researchers from different countries, the oldest images bearing the encrypted information in the world very much. For example, underwater pyramids in the Atlantic, which reaches a height of 600 meters, three times greater than the value pyramid of Cheops. Scientists have put forward the hypothesis that these colossi were created in order to Earth had the exact orientation in space. After all, its deviation from the axis of even half a degree inevitably bring terrible disasters. They constantly see to it that this does not happen. The information that scientists today have a number of countries — the U.S., Germany, England, Russia, Australia, — suggest that we have not only created, but now watch over and monitor our behavior. Earthlings control. Moreover, the information that they have left on the planet, protects people from hostile action from outside. At the same time they warn mankind of penetration into the depths of the earth — there is something that people perceive as long as possible. The same applies to the Moon; many astrophysicists reasonably believe that the moon — is artificially created by the aliens base.

Supercivilization, leaving the details of his visit to the planet Earth, should be assured that the information obtained will be exactly where you need it, those who need and when you need it. Technical information is left in the numerous drawings of Nazca desert, as well as in similar formations elsewhere cyclopean Egypt (Sphinx and the pyramids), England (Stonehenge), etc. A huge number of other related data is left in the ancient temples, pyramids, mounds, figurines, rock chart, jewelry. A lot of information is encoded in the churches, but the world is left, unfortunately, already partially destroyed and unrecoverable information about nuclear power, genetic engineering, etc. However, what remained would be enough to understand the structures of aircraft, their principles of operation of power plants, technologies of their production.

Hypotheses related to the advent of man, the creation of a prehistoric Cyclopean structures of particular complexity and accuracy will be many more. And this, of course, not the first nor the last: people tend to seek knowledge of the truth.

Zodiac 8.2005

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