Svarog Circle and the essence of man

The essence of the Halls of Heaven combined in pairs, for neighboring Halls have some common characteristics.

Halls of the Virgin and the Boar give us a desire for knowledge of the world in all its diversity. People born in these Halls, do not recognize the pressure on themselves when making decisions, and aspire to be leaders, to decide all questions.

Halls of Pike and Swan. People born in the Halls of data, tend to calm, measured life, to the traditional way of life, filled with the sense of empathy. For them, the biggest challenge is to take an important decision.

Halls of the Serpent and the Crow. People born in these Halls, are very active in nature. Most serious for them — is loneliness. Very amorous, and believe that only Love (Explicit, physical, carnal) should be at the corner, and then everything else.

Halls Bear and Buslov. People born in these Halls, dobrolyubivy in nature. Their constant desire — to ennoble all around. They are creating one for the benefit of a kind and created prosperity in his family try to have a rich young.

Halls of the Wolf and the Fox. People born in these Halls, seekers by nature. In essence they are looking for love and meaning. They love to experiment on himself. Sense of curiosity among people born in these palaces, more than fear of the unknown, and it is interesting to see the world around.

Halls Tour and Elk. People born in these Halls, hard-working, always busy with some work, even if the work is monotonous. Their inner being as it comes to life with the beginning of spring, and when it's Rosh Hashanah, their creative approach to life becomes dormant.

Halls Finist and Horse. People born in these Halls, in its unbridled neohvatnosti try to do many things simultaneously. From childhood, they are restless and so they may be taken during the day for the same thing from him and threw him, but then bring it to the end. They are by nature — maximalists, therefore, committed any offense, their mind tries to solve global ecumenical issues.

Halls of the Eagle and the Race. People born in these Halls, good-natured and friendly. They are very well developed sense of protection, but sometimes it can develop into a sense of urgency and to impose their views to others. Education and knowledge of these people is easy, but to know the world and the essence of nature prevents them from great laziness. To calm yourself and the people around them, they have come up with an excuse: "Now know why, over time, will come and everything will fall into place," and he said, "and a rolling stone gathers no moss."

Particular character defined Heavenly Halls Svarog Circle

Abode of the Virgin: Gives stubbornness, independence, the ability to achieve


Palace Boar: Gives self-willed, resolute, skillful execution of the task, provided that there is no choice.

Pike's palace: Provides the ability to adapt to any environment, anywhere to feel like a fish in water.

Swan palace: Provides levity, willful and headstrong, and sometimes, excessive pride and self-aggrandizement.

The palace of the Dragon: Provides cold, undisguised selfishness, narcissism, sometimes passing into the loving and acceptance of criticism.

Raven hall: Gives a good-natured, open, fall in and loving, sometimes reaching up to frivolity. By 40 gives man wise beyond his years of life experience.

Bear palace: Gives courage, stamina, protection, the ability to deal in any business and the ability to find a solution to any complicated situation.

Palace BuslovOpenness, mutual respect, sincere, the ability to choose the most convenient and suitable place to live, to raise healthy children.

Wolf hall: Belligerence, suspicion, desire to restore order at any price. According to the type of character of these people can be called "Sanitation of Life." Fox's palace: gives cunning, skill flatter inclination to experiment and experience in order to check everything on yourself and use a calm, comfortable life.

Abode Tour: Gives him stamina, hard work and business aspirations, even in routine conditions, persistence in achieving goals, provided that the purpose of this person has set for himself.

Elk hall: Cheerful, loving, open, carefree and relaxing way of life, the pursuit of the ideals of limitless.

Palace Finist: Provides care, a tendency to experience in order to learn the various aspects of life, the ability not to lose heart in the event of failure. Ability to take on the case to an end.

Palace horse: Gives him swift and all-embracing thirst for life, but very often the rapid movement to any ideal, he flies past ideals more majestic and valuable.

Eagle palace: Gives strength, determination in action, flight of thought and imagination.

Palace Race: Gives judgment, peace of mind when thinking about the problem and, at the same time, fun and serenity during the holidays.

When we then determine the date on ancient calendar is, it corresponds to what the Halls, we first read the nature of the event or person on twin-palace, then each temple separately and combine these images.

More detail the quality of the chambers below:
Common structures palaces Svarog Circle.

Abode of the Virgin.

People born under the shadow of the temple, have an analytical mind. Characterizes their desire for leadership and order, they have a special relationship to a particular order. People of this type have a mechanical memory, and order for them means their display memory (every thing is to be in a certain place, where he put it. If someone transcribed a thing, then it violated the order, he did not find ). Mess for him, not a lack of order, and some form of order. Judgment, the desire to put all on the shelves, in its place, a very important place in the life of the unborn in this chamber. In fact they may be called — Bringers-qualifiers. They are good archivists, librarians, they are able to calculate their actions and the actions of others a few steps forward. At the same time they tend intuitive presentiment of danger, failure, changes in the weather, as their eyes are the outer covers only the quality of the problem, without delving into the depths of a phenomenon.

Palace Boar

People born in the palace, have a mystical form of rational thinking, that is a logical construction as tight material structures, patterns and problems and structures more subtle planes mental and spiritual origins. As boar undermines oak roots to unearth buried under ground acorns, and people born in the palace, trying to get to the depths of the investigated phenomena and processes (they all have to deal). These people tend to selfishness, isolation, seclusion and sometimes, they can even be alone, being in a group, or a large company, all they hear, try to check out the experience. In front of them is always the main problem of choosing something of equivalent sets. But when they choose something important for yourself, it often becomes a goal in their lives, and nothing can force change your choice.

Pike's palace

People born in this palace, always feel like a fish in water, they tend to find with all the people a common language, but the circle of friends they choose on the basis of "the man I love, communion with him not only pleasant but also fun ". Typically, they are attracted to all sorts of beautiful things, but most of these things are unnecessary trinkets. They love to be the center of attention, often say on topics that do not understand the meaning. They are very sensitive, selfish, and often dwell on their feelings and perceptions of the material world. Very prone to jealousy often suffer excessive loving (carnal).

Swan palace

People born in the palace, a very acceptable to the public statements (and painful) in the address. Paying much attention to their appearance and position in society, they tend to mystical cognitive mind, they are always easy to go on an adventure, or even to achieve a specific purpose, and in order to feel the process itself. They tend to over-amorousness, often turning into the object of his adoration and love often reaching to sacrifice in the name of the object of his love. The people of the temple defines sense of duty, but not to someone specific or society, but above all to himself and his own conscience, but they try never to depart from the accepted rules for itself and the laws, and the others, they require the same , sometimes reaching up to despotism. They must remember that uncontrolled jealousy can bring a lot of problems in life, especially if unfounded jealousy.

The palace of the Dragon

People born in the palace of a cold and have a sober mind, dogmatic discernment with guidance and the adoption of laws, subject to the inviolability of reality (the status quo, that is, the situation is in the moment, so nothing has changed). They do not accept the innovations and changes in their traditional way of life, completely beating the them from the way of life, which they set for ourselves. For them, the statements of the ancient sages and ancestors are indisputable yardstick unchanged. They love to learn, but not to achieve a career place in society, and for self-development and self-improvement. Often these people are lonely in his old age, for studying the Ancient Wisdom and the lives of people in the past, they often do not see their own lives, and many of them did not have time to start a family.

Vrana palace

Those born under the sign of the Raven, in his spiritual nature idealists rather than materialists. From birth, they live in their own, illusory, but it is often an ideal world, is not similar to the surrounding reality. They are distinguished by a philosophical turn of mind, a willingness to help, not even familiar people, they prefer comfort of home instead of public turbulent life. Usually from birth, they are endowed with extraordinary, miraculous abilities (psychic, paranormal). Some of these abilities are revealed to them in early childhood, and they just do not know what to do with them. When they ask about these forces of some people, they do not know what to say especially those who are not vested with such powers and do not know about them. Search and study of data capable of sending a person's thoughts on philosophical reasoning. To draw conclusions from their philosophical reasoning and understanding the nature of the obtained skills in childhood, they are often by priests, spiritual teachers, mentors, or hermits, but sometimes the anger of misunderstanding in the community or family reaches a critical point, and these people are the Devourer of the world.

Bear palace

People born in the palace of the Bear, life goes only they know the Way, not noticing the obstacles or dangers or pitfalls. Their irrational mind creates an unusual picture of the world, all that fits into this speculative universe accepted unconditionally, and all that is not explained in this system, rejected once and for all. About such people often say that they live unearthly life, that their thoughts are constantly hovering in the sky, instead of a simple five-wall excess, they build their own castles in the air. The key to their heart is through his care, affection and love, which then provides protection, protection, admiration and affection. These people are very vulnerable, and accidentally said a harsh word can wound them mightier than the sword. They are very inquisitive, and always strive for purity and light (spiritual purity).

Palace Buslov (AIST)

People born in the palace of defines honor and duty. As a rule, they are very thrifty, not alien to them do housework, creating a warm, wealth and comfort. Their families have many children in most cases, they have a strong sense of responsibility, power and endurance. These magnificent warriors, defenders who despise death. They all reach their work and help friends, when asked for their help, but in the case of removing them from all the familiar and the surrounding, they wake up a wild desire for revenge, and this person does not calm down until everyone somehow involved in his troubles, will not be punished most severely and cruel way. Protecting your family home for Buslov (AIST) is a primary duty.

Wolf hall

People-Wolves — individualists by nature, they solve all their problems on their own, but they can to solve the great problems to gather in a large community (Acts of the pack), that is organized, where the leader of the pack is not as effective collective intelligence of the pack, a joint unified solution (Chamber). Natural-that is, as a single element, unity. These people live by their own interests, they make their decision on an issue, only after checking all the "on your own skin." The Wolf Man is inherently orderly society, it is inherent in the strict sense of justice and order. Usually people-wolves live their own and not someone else's mind, do not take advice from (all), but for all that they contain "wolf thirst" for knowledge. They seek to explore and inhabit the entire surrounding area, which later will protect not sparing "own skin" (his own life). Their only weak spot is the "heart" of the problem (love), but the sense of duty and justice for them above all else. Those parasite and lives at the expense of others, medics wolf-kill (Age of the Wolf).

Fox palace

As a rule, people born in the palace of the Fox, have quirky mind, they rarely believe people on the floor, since they themselves often lie and cheat (before fantasize now cheat). They are cunning, every issue is always considered from the point of view: you have it or not? It is an advantage for me or not? They are in constant selection and constant search. Any innovation from the perspective of its use in everyday life. People fox like a pendulum life throws you a fortune, it is frustrating. A life and a practical turn of mind always leads to the eternal question "to be or not to be" Among other things, people, foxes try to live off the labor of others and constantly in need of funds, as well as mentor and protector (they use them.)

Abode Tour

Under this sign people are born with an idealistic and mystical worldview, and an increased sense of responsibility. They are very hard-working, efficient, love to think creatively and create, but as a rule, their performance is aimed at a kind of prosperity and friends. They are closed in their view of the world and try not to delve into the issues that are put before them life. Their motto: hard work and a little effort, "all that unattended, it is mine." Carried away by the creative labor, they often forget about the others and loved ones. They build their ideal world, which according to them, can build each within a single family. Their favorite activity after righteous works, it is — to philosophize on the topic of being, the meaning of life, about politics, about everything that surrounds them. They are often called "cooking philosophy," as they like to talk at home of a family environment on the international situation. They are very hard to convince of anything. They are stubborn and the die-hards. They take the point of view of another person only in two cases: when even before income either when they are forced.

Elk hall

People born in this palace, from birth are very sociable, sometimes overly wordy. This property he often delivers a lot of trouble (politicians, statesmen, writers, poets.) Their Fall-need to make, and no one, then express it on paper published books. They love all seek their own, believing that if they do not do this, you will not do nothing. With its sociability, they do not trust the little familiar to people and do not accept the word. Their sophisticated mind can come up with a lot of tests to check the person who packed them into friends. Ultimate authority for them-he, so people-moose rarely listen to the advice of others. They can be as great as hermits, and the great public figures at the same time, ie, to the masses, but to be alone. They tend to have a large family with many children, but often they do not achieve this, because man-moose tend to elect his life, and goes to his goal, in spite of all obstacles. "The end justifies the means" — so thinks elk, but this is not true.

Palace Finist

People born in this palace, have stamina and the ability to perceive the different energies of life. They never lose heart because of failures, any failure causes them to the rational mind to count all the issues and nuances resulting from failures, so the next time it did not. These people have a change of mood and while everyone's delight they can invade longing, sadness and desire alone. During his time, if they come to mind an idea, they quit their jobs and immediately begin to count how implementation of this idea, and then the finished result is recorded and thrown back to finish the job. These differences occur not only at work, but also in social and family life. Therefore, they can get bored environment, such as visitors came to him, they are fed up, he was gone, retired, rested, and then, as if nothing had happened back to the guests.

Palace horse

People of this temple endowed with endurance and performance, regardless of caste, and vibrations of the soul and the forms of thought. They have a philosophical turn of mind ratsinalny not pure idealism. All thoughts and work aimed at fulfilling his duty to the native and society. These people hold the intrageneric traditions and practices that are not taking the traditions and laws of the secular state, if they are contrary to the rules of intrapartum. They most often a problem of "fathers and children," so they try to tightly control their offspring. Their custody often comes to despotism, and at the same time, more loving and gentle parents did not see land. They are all built on the succession of generations, so that says a senior in the family, born in the palace of the Horse, executes unconditionally. Human-horse distinguishes bezustalnaya performance, so people kept saying "like a horse plow, works like a horse."

Eagle palace

People born in this palace, purposeful, they are characterized by qualities such as impulse of thought, authoritarianism, pride, contempt and fear of death. They developed craving for knowledge of various martial arts, the tendency to relocate in order to build your own world and at the same time to expand his domain. Great thirst for knowledge of the outside world with a thirst for adventure bordered adventure. Greater efficiency can safely coexist with laziness and idleness. Spiritual development may change to a complete denial of reality and bezshabashnost, and creating a family union may later turn that person into a single parent, that is when he will raise their children in accordance with their world view and their view of the world of reality. Authoritarian suppression of his authority, "I said!" All of the above is only the outward form of display life of an eagle, his inner being is constantly striving to manifest kindness, love, caring and understanding, but only to himself. As soon as he feels towards him is not in a nice way, not with love are, it is closed and appears as a despot.

Palace Race

People born in this palace of have stamina, determination, courage in defending their ancestral order, their philosophical and analytical mind is not shy either militancy or idealistic thought or mystical rituals. These people feel great in any disaster, they themselves elected. Their only problem is the desire for leadership and an inability to be with someone else's opinion. Often their credo is the phrase "the end justifies the means", which replaces their original formula, "the most important thing in life is life itself, beyond life can only come from the debt to." However, they sometimes think about the fact that the force imposed on the good often turns evil as to others and to themselves. Man-race should be remembered that only spiritual development can calm all storms and hurricanes arise spontaneously in the soul of man, who happened to be born in a palace of Race.

All these characteristics of the chambers are shaped key form to connect with Krugoleta oberegovyh structures like structures Svarog Circle, which incorporate the essence of what carry palaces, halls, tables, benches and a place in the sun.

Here is such information on the nature of man, which for many ordinary people will remain a mystery. Of course, without comprehending its essence, life can lose value. But still people find things that will help them to have fun. People sit in social networks, such as vkontakte, looking avatars for contact free. Although vkontakte can be an excellent tool for promoting any information. That is, if you have something to tell people, but do not have time to create a website, informatsivnoe community with appropriate pictures, too perfect.

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