T-80U-M1 Bars

T-80U-M1 "Bars"

T-80U-M1 "Bars" bystrohoden and barely noticeable at least some areas, is capable of marches across vast distances and carried by all modes of transport.

In various countries takes to create new models of military equipment and new technologies stern attention is also drawn to the modernization of the samples are in service. This is explained by the presence of a significant amount of equipment, located in the troops, and the tendency to reduce the cost of procurement of new weapons is necessary to emphasize two more features in-1's, the current cycle of military equipment is very long (15-20 years), in-2, progress in a number of areas so large that no significant configuration allows the object type to achieve high quality improve its combat characteristics.

An example is the T-80, adopted by the Russian Army in 1976, this family of machines manufactured by the Omsk Production Association 'Transport Engineering Plant named after the October Revolution T-80U are completed, according to the Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev, more combat-ready divisions elite Russian army .

It was first laid significant potential for modernization Conceptual need to improve the combat and operational parameters are provided phased modernization of machines of this family now is the T-80U-M1 Bars, retaining the traditional layout scheme in which the main armament is located in a rotating turret, engine and box — in the rear of the hull, crew — separate tank commander and gunner — in the fighting compartment, and the driver — in the department of management.

Like its counterparts, the T-80U-M1 Bars bystrohoden and barely noticeable at least some areas, is capable of marches across vast distances and carried by all modes of transport.

T-80U-M1 "Bars"


The abundance of the requirements for the tank, and a wide range of purposes such as the degree of threat to the tank itself, and the level of their protection have led to a need to equip the machine more perfect weapon system, providing an enemy with both ground and air at a range of up to 5000 m

On the T-80U-M1 Bars' is set smoothbore gun — launcher type 2A46M caliber 125 mm, stabilized in the 2-planes due to increase rigidity barrel increased accuracy by 20 percent in the same time preserved the main components and parts commercially available, reliable and neotkaznoy gun 2A46M-1.

The modern fire control system 1A45 includes a laser range finder, wind sensors, the speed of the tank and goals, tilt, temperature, charge and protection, ballistic computer. This system in totality with a unique chassis with extreme smoothness allows for effective fire on rugged terrain at a speed of 35 km / h, and any position of the tower on this parameter family of tanks T-80 are unmatched.

Manages fire spotter in combat, but mounted on a tank guidance devices and aiming allow the commander to find a terrible goal, aim, regardless of the gunner, and by clicking the "Cueing" button on the remote control to deploy the tower and to cooperate with the gunner's line of sight to either take one hundred percent gun control over the mode ("Double"), and hit the target.

Complex guided weapons (IMC) allows virtually a 100 percent chance of hitting an armored or low-flying target missile, guided by a laser beam, at a distance of 5 km CHC 9K119 has overestimated noise immunity, characterized by simplicity of management and maintenance.

On the T-80U-M1 can be installed infrared night gunner's sight "Buran" or thermal sight Russian ("Agave-2") or foreign production. When installing thermal sight gunner and commander have the opportunity to fire a guided missile 9M119 a day or so and NIGHT MODE.

The autoloader provides a rate of fire of 7-9 rounds per minute. Abroad only in French tank "Leclerc" is set in the automatic loader conveyor carousel autoloader of the T-80U-M1 stacked 28 shots, while the French "Leclerc" and on the Russian T-90 — 22 shots.

T-80U-M1 "Bars"


Protected T-80U-M1 from modern anti-tank weapons due to:
• the combined multilayer protection upper front body parts and combined filler in the tower,
• complex integrated dynamic protection (WHD) hull and turret, also armored bulwarks with elements of ERA,
• active protection "Arena"
• staging system veils complex opto-electronic warfare "Blind-1."

Application ERA in 80 years has significantly increased the level of protection against chemical tank shells, but after the explosion, explosive reactive armor of the surface area of the main armor remains vulnerable to development of a system of active defense for the last 10-20 years was carried out in almost all countries. But only in Russia, they were brought to the production of ready-made systems, "Arena" — one of them. No analogues in the world of technical features, it is designed to protect tanks from anti-tank grenades and missiles, catapulting all types of infantry weapons, as from land and air missile systems, soaring at a rate of 70 to 700 meters per second, regardless of the system of management and species warheads

The complex "Arena," set on the T-80U-M1 "Bars", and cut one off from the commander's control panel, then all of the following operations are performed automatically. In addition to working in the main automatic mode, in critical situations, the commander can control it manually, for example, or for the destruction of obstacles to the creation of the short-range anti-infantry.

"Arena" protects the tank at least what the weather, in all combat criteria, including the movement and aiming, regardless of the angle at which weapons. The design of the radar scopes and information processing ensures the highest level of protection from interference, not responding to false signals and random acts only when there is a severe threat of danger or if the vehicle is flying directly to the tank.

Active protection system doubles the survivability of the "Leopard" and the use of tanks for peacekeeping and resolving local conflicts, when the enemy has available in the main light anti-tank weapons — in 3-4 times. The use of active protection "Arena", coupled with a complex optical-electronic suppression "Blind-1" increment protection allows the tank to 3-5.
Instead, the unit of radiation and chemical reconnaissance GO-27 to be installed on virtually all swatches Russian armored vehicles on the T-80U-M1 "Bars" is complex, wielding tremendous speed and sensitivity. Its technical service requests the least amount of work. The new small-size device and more than easy to use. The integrated control lets you quickly inspect the status of devices and receive information about the violation of the major no

Automatic fire system extinguishes fire for 150 milliseconds.
For connection to the T-80U-M1 fitted radio R-163-50U and radio R-163UP operating in the UHF spectrum in the anti-interference mode, in which there is an automatic search of the vast amount of previously selected channel frequency is determined, more free from interference. There is a channel for transmitting telecode info and radio on address lines.

T-80U-M1 "Bars"

Maneuverability and speed

T-80U-M1 " Leopard"Equip a multi-fuel gas turbine engine with a capacity of 1250 l. Hydrostatic transmission (GOP) (power density — 27.2 hp / t), which substantially exceeds the characteristics of both the Russian and zabugornyh tanks and causes supreme agility and mobility. Significantly greater than that of diesel engines in store torque eliminates the possibility of stopping the motor in case of overload and reduces the number of gear changes when driving on rough terrain.

The highest dynamic and acceleration features allow fast leave the zone of fire. Tank from place accelerates to a speed of 50 km / h in just 17-19 seconds, and the "jump seat" for 3 to 5 meters makes for 1 — 2 sec., which makes it possible ricochet projectile soaring. Experience in the use of T-80 in combat indicates that individual tanks kept up 5 hits projectiles and missiles, and continued to do their intended target. Compared with the T-80U "Bars" is more simple and comfortable to operate and maintain. In the near future it is planned to install a forced engine capacity of 1400 l / s.

GOP is designed to dramatically increase the turning ability, specific speed, maneuverability and reliability properties of airborne transmission (CVT) With the passage of the real route to get the win in the average rate of 12%, and the single turns — up to 33 percent. With all this turning radius is infinitely variable, sharply reduced the number of switches in the BCP rotation mode. Increased smoothness, and, consequently, increased accuracy.

Fuel consumption was reduced by 5-10%, with all this, the life of the units has increased:
• Boxes — 30%;
• Coil — 50%.

The number of controls is kept to a minimum — the steering wheel, pedal "gas" pedal. This allows the driver to focus on the road, on the ground, on the battlefield, it provides long-term performance. The control force decreased fourfold. Reduced fatigue, driver-mechanics on long marches.

The ability to implement different types of fuel (diesel, basic, kerosene — duplicate, petrol — spare) greatly simplifies the logistics units.
Auxiliary Power unit GTA-18 power of 18 kW ensures the functioning of all systems and systems of the tank in the parking lot at the muffled main engine.

In the conduct of the battle in defense of the introduction of an auxiliary power unit significantly reduces the level of infrared radiation, which significantly reduces the possibility of finding a tank with thermal sights.

Fuel consumption during the military operation is much lower flow rate in tanks filled with a conventional diesel engine without auxiliary power.


During operation of equipment in difficult weather criteria, namely in the areas with a tropical climate with excessive temperature and humidity, when not only the work, and simply human activity becomes difficult Russian military equipment without air abruptly loses his fighting properties. On the creation of the air conditioning system (SCR) for the tanks employee research and production enterprise "Krios" who participated in the design and manufacture of air-conditioning system of the orbital station "Mir".

Developed and installed on the tank "Leopard" SLE has inflated reliability under significant mechanical loads and the ability to carry out repairs in the field criteria.

Kondyuk developed for "Leopard" has a personal layout of cooled air to each crew member. In the end, only the cool work areas, not the entire internal volume of the tank. Among the advantages of such a system in comparison with the air-conditioning systems, general dilution type include: efficiency and the use of ventilated jackets in combination with flame retardant suit. Besides conditioning system not only cools the air, and drying it produces, in particular in the burning of hot climates and mokrovatym. The presence of the auxiliary unit GTA-18 allows you to include kondyuk parked without starting the main engine.

The tanks T-80 family can be installed The rubber track for the safety of road surfaces on the march on concrete and asphalt roads.

For the production of tanks for export worked out a number of activities that enhance their competitiveness in the global arms market. A distinctive feature of the family of T-80U — the ability to order them in various configurations with the test and the ability of the buyer country.

T-80U-M1 "Bars"

1. Smoothbore gun — launcher type 2A46M4
2. Lights optronic countermeasures "Blind-1"
3. Closed system with a machine gun NSVT 12.7 mm
4. The optical head of the complex optical-electronic warfare "Blind-1" create detection of laser radiation and do a good turn the tower on its source.
5. Lights optronic countermeasures "Blind-1"
7. Sensor cross-wind component.
8. Aerosol screen laying system of anti-tank missiles with semi-active guidance system 81mm grenades aehrozoleobrazujushchih 3D17 for 3s. aerosol forms Zahav covering securable.
9. Radar "KAZ" THRUSH-2

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