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What is wrong is called, it is not so

Somehow "Nasha Niva"Made a comment on the first page the reader, giving him an intriguing title" What is sacred Lukashenko — the population or currency? "The essence of short cues that before przydent said" the population — is sacred, "and now says" gold reserves — is sacred " .

Another first, of course, does not negate. Not that in other cases, when once said character says "union state — is sacred," and after "independence — is the most precious and sacred that can be our man." And then again — "State of the Union defense matters — is sacred …"

A matter of just a devaluation of the word. Sacred — never quite knowing, and therefore the highest. It controls us, not we them. We can only believe in it. This will determine whether there will be a high point of our lives, or not: the day was — well, God bless him.

Originally saint — connected with God and divinity, and in a broader sense — with the highest level of moral purity and vysakarodtva: holy purpose, God's truth, a sacred duty, a sacred freedom. The holy virgin and do not necessarily complicit to any evil. Therefore, neither the population nor gold, nor question the defense can not be holy, as well as many others.

Once on the Belarusian border border guard examined the trunk of my car. What's this? — Showed it to the device for barbekyu. Barbekyu — I replied. Ah, — tastefully border guard smiled — barbekyu is sacred.

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