Tandem haywire on a budget

Perhaps in the past time for the first time is so severe tensions appeared around the head of the country to document the money coming years. Thus, if the earlier tensions priemuschestvenno, manifested in the walls of Russian Parliament, it has now manifested itself in the camp of senior management of the country: almost between the President and the Government of Russian Federation.

Tandem haywire on a budget

Recall that for the first time in many years, and long-term federal ministers reprimand was not declared the Prime Minister of the country, which according to the law and is the head of all the specific ministerial brethren, and the President himself. But if the president has publicly reprimanded immediately three ministers about the fact that they almost failed the preparation of the federal budget on its fronts, it appears that this kind of criticism relates to the Russian government and the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. After all, if the work is at least three subordinates of the second person imperative in the state, causes severe criticism on the part of first-person imperative, then of course, that the second person wants it to or not, falls into this criticism. It turns out that for the first time ever in collaboration imperative tandem of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev emerged fully palpable conflict between these policies. But, like any who thought, on the other, and can not be. Being at the highest political level, this is very difficult to play the role of the fact that top managers of our country one eye on the different tasks.

Being on the presidential chair, Medvedev often did not hold back and showed that gaze at it with the then Prime Minister Putin, albeit one on a variety of political and economic action, but the angle of view from time to time changed drastically. Last year's resignation of the Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, who, at least on the outside looked like a resignation initiated by Dmitry Medvedev, paid a then-government strike a certain reputation, and if it is inflicted blow to the government, then, for obvious reasons, and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also "something get "in terms of public analysis of separately taken minister.

It is difficult to speculate on whether the September beating three ministers from the government of President Putin specific vengeance, a year after "unaffordable" Activity Dmitry Medvedev in terms of control over government actions. Can the general Putin on this kind of revenge? .. The question, as they say, is fascinating, but the answer lies in an entirely different plane.

It seems that there may be, but we really do get what Putin has to keep himself in the coming not only for their own enemies, but even in their own trivial supporters to retain public support. The President understands that in this plan without some sort of victims can not do. Why? Yes since Vladimir Putin himself has put in front of him very complex problem which, one way or another, rests on the "richness" of the federal budget. Some expenditure side of the budget directly or indirectly, have been designated to be a candidate in the election of Putin. Have been designated priority tasks for regional development: namely, the need for harsh investment to the Far East. Accents were made to stimulate the growth of salaries for members of economical sphere of Russian Federation on projects close to the reality of reform of the pension system. These tasks were quite aggressive, and yet they have become more stringent May 7, 2012, when the candidate of President Putin turned into Fishing season. Were issued presidential decrees that regulate the funding priorities of projects in Russia, and the dates have been specified — October 1 of this year. The president Putin read and federal ministers on the most memorable meeting.

But all the promises the president made to them in the first day of a new life of its own as president, were wide of the mark, in other words by the draft federal budget. Naturally, this has brought a fully balanced Fishing season of itself. Beating the ministers about their work on the layout of the budget for the next three years, can be described in one sentence: "You guys are my substitute what!" And it's very argoticheskoe word for a minimum of 3 ministries at the moment suits can be very useful. Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education, apparently, decided to just go on the thumb in the RF path, "promise — promised time will — people will forget. " But this time she misfire. In this situation, someone could and forgotten, but someone and expect another puncture from power. And this may be a puncture, immediately begins swirling in the style of the famous "Power — the soap!" But here president decided to play ahead of the curve. He struck a light slap in the face three ministers and, indirectly, the prime minister, and even gave a reason we talk about certain irregularities in the sight of the upper echelons of power, but was able to prevent the sinking of the presidential decrees on the brakes.

With this step, Putin gave to understand that if targets are set, they must reach, and he, at least, try to do everything that they have been achieved. Another thing is that the cost of the merits of these goals may prove to be very superior, but then, as they say, a penny …

A bulk of the price set by the merits of Putin goals can now be judged by what means have to supplement the same budget line, about which flawed federal ministers. It is reported that the cost of the negotiated items were found not in the reserves of the government, and in such organizations as the state holding "Rosneftegas." This holding company is headed by Igor Sechin. What is called, now has to "rummage through hidden pockets …"

And now, many people in Russia is not even worried by what means government, delivered in a very rigid framework will be able to patch the holes appear, and then descend to the emerging conflict between the highest state officials to minimize or lead to a rather obvious political conflict with a very resounding resignations. Arguing about it, it can be said that Putin, of course, can show their political power, but it's obviously not benefit for himself. After all, if president violates his own words that the people in the government are chosen by Professor and need to just give time to work. Of course, that six months — a great time to call the hard work, and therefore it is possible to imagine that any sonorous resignations, at least in recent years will not be exact. Correct the mistakes and miscalculations, and the Ministry of Finance will, biting his elbows, look for options to fund all identified social projects.

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