Tank Jaguar

Looking at this car, never guess that this is not an independent development, but only just option modernization T-54/55. If there was a contest for the most beautiful mess (for this machine even fit the definition — tuning), it is possible that she would have won with a clear advantage.

Tank "Jaguar"

But back in fact to the project. This project prepared with two South American companies — Textron Marine and Land Systems. Contractor to build the project was selected as Cadillac Gage Textron. This project divined the modernization of our T-54/55 and Chinese Type 59 tanks, and that the Chinese had nashii naprodavat worldwide. Project was announced in 1997, but still want to order this tank and was not found. Total produced only two cars. Apparently this is due to the price of a similar upgrade, which would cost about 2.8 million dollars.

So what are the configuration, not including appearance, will be the T-55.

First, this engine — the machine will be installed diesel engines of Detroit Diesel 750 hp With this engine tank has a maximum speed of 55 km / h

On this machine should be installed box of Allison Transmission, which is part of the General Motors group. PPC is not hard to guess, automatic.

The machine is provided to install two versions of the suspension. Cheaper option — Is ordinary, the torsion bar. As required, the machine can be installed hydro-pneumatic suspension Cadillac Gage Textron.

As the arms on the machine to be used by NATO 105-mm rifled gun. In any machine-gun armament configurations is not provided.

In all of the fire control system is pretty simple. The gun is stabilized in all planes. Provides for a laser range finder.

In the reservation, not counting the standard armor, there was one component of untranslatable me — appliquy. I do not know what it is.

Weight of the machine will be in the range of 42-46 tons depending on the configuration.

PS On tank cars were transferred standards. But it apparently did not work.

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