Tank Leopard 2A7 +

For the first time this tank was shown at Eurosatory 2010 the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW).

Tank Leopard 2A7 +

Refreshed tank optimized for use in everyday military operations and criteria for action in the town.

Leopard 2A7 + is an upgraded Leopard 2A6, armed 120-mm smoothbore gun Rheinmetall with a barrel length of 55 calibres. There is also the possibility of an updated version of Leopard 2A4 /Leopard 2A5 rather short with 120-mm gun (barrel length of 44-gauge) to the latest Leopard 2A7 + standard.

KMW at the show said the Leopard 2A7 + is a modular pack that can be optimized for specific needs of users. The version shown at Eurosatory — this is the top level of Leopard 2A7 +, in what used all the powers of modernization, with the result that the combat weight of the tank is about 67 tons.

Tank Leopard 2A7 +

Upgrade package contains the installation on the roof of the tower firing module with remote control KMW FLW 200 with a 12.7 mm machine gun, a 76-mm grenade launcher. To increase survivability (especially of RPGs) was installed additional passive armor on the front arch, and along the sides of the hull and turret. Coupled with major modifications configurations hull and turret installed additional armor on the bottom of the hull. The situational awareness provided by a full review of 360 degrees for all members of the crew — commander, gunner and driver through advanced thermal imaging cameras.

To improve the living conditions at high temperatures in the turret mounted air conditioning system. To supply on-board equipment in the parking lot on the right rear of the chassis has been installed auxiliary power unit increased power. In the back of the seat is equipped infantry phone connection. As required tank can be equipped with a blade.

Upgrade package Leopard 2A7 + together with extended reservation was developed and tested very splotchenno with the German army, which, as expected, according to the latest update as part of its fleet of 225 Leopard 2A6 and 125 Leopard 2A5 earlier standard solutions after the issue of funding. In some sources mention of plans to modernize a total of about 150 cars. Other members of the club Leopard 2 is also already shown interest in the new product.

Tank Leopard 2A7 +

"… Significantly more fun the second project of German tank designers, positioned as a revolution in the field of modernization of MBT. Demonstrated at the Paris Salon MBT Revolution was a deeply upgraded Leopard 2A4. Main directions of improvements designed to reincarnate unreleased in 1985-1992 tank into a modern fighting machine capable of withstanding virtually all existing challenges of the following:

— Turnaround protection, cost elements covering the entire tower and the frontal part of the body, as two-thirds of the board (in other words, the fighting compartment) must protect the tank from the firing rocket-propelled grenades of all types and first RPG-7, of mines, homemade bombs, damaging parts of cluster munitions, OBPS, anti-tank missiles with electro-optical, infrared and laser guidance systems;

— implementation of technology "Digital Tower", in other words, the introduction of the MSA modern display, network solutions and components enabling track movement of their own troops and the enemy forces in real time, vsesutochnyh surveillance and aiming to ensure the crew is almost radial review under armor All these things will allow the tanks to reduce the response time for that or other hazards;

— MSA improved features, so that the tank could hit targets first shot, especially in the movement;

— introduction to the machine, "the commander" brakes, allowing the senior crew member personally suspend the tank with your own workplace if necessary: this function is positioned as a very necessary when moving multi-ton behemoth through the city streets, to a large extent it deprives certain awkwardness elephant caught in a china a bench;

Tank Leopard 2A7 +

— introduction to modern ammunition of the shells;

— equipped with modern machinery stabilized remotely operated weapon station auxiliary weapons;

— the introduction of a communication system that allows the crew to communicate with the surrounding tank infantry;

— introduction into the design of the auxiliary power unit, which supplies electricity to numerous electrical system without having to turn on the main motor: that not only saves service life, and reduced thermal and acoustic visibility of the machine;

— installation of equipment designed to enable each of the main battle tank into a single automated system logistics: it greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of providing armored divisions ammunition, fuel and other logistical assets.

A set of proposed configuration more exciting than in the case of the Leopard 2A7 +. True, we should note two features that can be considered as defects: of course, the highest price alterations and a significant increase in weight of the tank, get out the boundaries of sixty tons. That's why a good look at the individual elements of the modernization program there on the MBT Revolution more carefully.

Tank Leopard 2A7 +

One of the main reasons for the increase of security cars — developed by Rheinmetall system The smoke curtains ROSY. It not only forms a multi-spectral smoke accumulation in the direction of the detected radiation less than 0.6 seconds, and forms the dynamic smoke "wall", which allows the tank quickly to avoid defeat in the event of a mass reaching is anti-tank missiles.

Onboard equipment includes a tank in a stable 2-planes of optical-electronic detection system. It includes imager, day camera and a laser rangefinder. The appropriate commander and gunner data to assess the situation — a target range to it, the type of ammunition, the state of the system itself — are displayed in the fighting compartment. It may appear as a radial view of the battlefield, and his piece, visible through the ordinary sight.

A constant radial battlefield surveillance, reducing the burden on the commander and gunner information provided by the system (SAS). Its functions include automatic detection and tracking of potential targets. SAS comprises four optical modules (although lower rates modifications are permitted only from the 2-blocked) at the corners of the tower, each of which has three lens field angle of 60 deg
rees, and the highest resolution color cameras and night vision components. To shorten the response time of the crew on the information about the detected threat SAS targets can be transferred immediately to the MSA, first on the remote battle module is the latest generation of Qimek, located on the roof of the tower.

Tank Leopard 2A7 +

The structure of the modernized tank ammunition is proposed to include new types of ammunition. Besides the already mentioned high-explosive projectile DM 11 is feathered piercing projectiles with a detachable tray DM-53 (LKE II) length 570 mm, equipped with a core made of an alloy of tungsten (adopted in 1997), a modification of DM-53A1 and the future development of DM 63. Two recent bomb positioned as the first in the world OPBS kept the initial ballistic properties, regardless of the ambient temperature. According to the developer, the shells are optimized specifically for punching a "double" reactive armor and can hit in the forehead all types of modern tanks. These armor-piercing ammunition can be carried fire a 120mm smoothbore guns firm Rheinmetall with a barrel as the 44 and 55 gauges.

Tank Leopard 2A7 +

The onboard equipment of the tank is integrated into the ACS tactical INIOCHOS, all designed by the same company Rheinmetall and allows you to share information from brigade to individual soldier or military machinery. This system use in the armed forces of Greece, Spain, Sweden and Hungary. They all but the last sun, have in their own arsenals, and different versions of the Leopard 2.
So Makar, modernization tank, held on the draft MBT Revolution, can reincarnate armored monster, the creation of an ideology which the predictive maintenance of tank battles in the image of contractions second world war, the modern car prototype perfectly prepared for combat with enemy tanks, and with the guerrillas owning only mobile antitank weapons. New developments in the field of electronics, optics, communications give the crew instead of the very limited by the angle of vision and range scrappy "pictures" in the periscope sights and a full panorama of the surrounding space, displaying the position of the enemy and maneuvers of its own units. The concept of digital towers almost helps the crew to look through the armor. But specifically, this property is one of the more fundamental in the development of the latest generation of tank turret and bronekapsuly uninhabitable for the crew, which thought the Russian T-95. "

Tank Leopard 2A7 +


Weight, kg 67500
Length mm 10970
Width 4000
Height, mm 2640
Motor power HP 1500
The highest speed, km / h 72
In store down the highway, 450 km
Main weapon caliber 120 mm
Barrel length, caliber 55

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