Tank robot from Kharkov — fire truck coming

Tank robot from Kharkov - fire truck of the future

In the news agencies with an evil vsepostoyanstvom there are reports of fires in the stockpiles, storage bases, parks, military technology. Even if another incident, and dispenses with the victims, then any activity for several kilometers around paralyzed — fire trucks can not be finished with flaming piles of ammunition. Drilling strategy in such cases — to evacuate people and wait for the dreaded object will burn to the ground. The cost of this powerlessness — not only destroyed property, buildings and structures, and these costly work to find and neutralize sometimes have scattered for miles around "gifts."

It would seem that the decision prepyadstviya on the surface — the military is burning? Let military equipment and extinguish! Put on tank tank bigger — and more! According to this principle and created a number of fire engines tracked the highest security: Russian "Jay" Ukrainian "GPM-54", the Czech «SPOT-55." Do not stay aside and Chinese engineers who installed the tank to the "workhorse Chinese tanker" — tank "Type-59".

Tank robot from Kharkov - fire truck of the future

But the problem for some reason, these machines do not solve: in general they do not trigger the creation of further case of prototypes are usually not included. What is the reason? The answer is simple — at least some half-measure solves only part of the difficulty. A powerful armor, the correct tank, is obviously unnecessary for the fire engine — scattering splinters are several orders of magnitude lower energy than a shell fired from a cannon. The machine has to carry several tons of unnecessary equipment. Tank, mounted on the body with the least amount of rework is clearly insufficient for such class of machines — from four tons to the "Chinese" to fifteen tons for a modification of the Czech machine. In addition, located at an altitude of solid tank significantly raises the center of gravity — work on slopes for such machines is associated with significant risk. To access the engine has to be started for additional tricks — such as the GPM-54 rear tank for this purpose rises special hydraulic cylinders. Already spartan jobs tankers are not comfortable — often located at the top of the tank is leaking. About how much-or meaningful quantity for placing special equipment is necessary and dream — the reserved amount of housing per cubic decimeter is already engaged.

The output of a dead-end, at first glance, the situation offered a designer Kharkiv Armoured Repair Plant (HBTRZ). Without abandoning the time-tested, reliable on-army tank units, assemblies and systems, they offered the car, which is not remake of the tank, and made specifically as a fire truck.

Made with the introduction of nodes T-64 tank machine has a modular design that allows you to not only produce a wide palette of embodiments within the family, and on the particular machine separately, as needed to create the installation of equipment under the performance of certain tasks, for example, remove the foam generator to produce evacuation of victims of the fire .

The machine is made by the bonnet scheme — not including easy access to the engine, this solution provides additional protection for the crew: in the case of blasting machine for explosives covers an engine crew. In general, this measure is not the only security — armored body protects the crew of a fire engine and equipment, as fragments from exploding munitions, and thermal radiation from the fire.

The machine is used tank engine 5TDF-A, as needed provides the possibility of additional cooling radiator with water from the tank. In gear boxes used, which reduces the momentum to the drive wheels by comparison with a tank chassis twice, but at the same time increasing torque. The car loses some speed, but essentially wins the terrain and the possibility to transport heavy loads.

"Highlight" of the machine is non-flammable chassis. Ordinary tank rink already beginning to be burnt at two hundred sixty degrees — is the temperature of smoldering wood. At the rink, "shestdesyatchetverki" rubber covered an array of metal, so that, for his injuries required to heat it to a temperature of 600 degrees for an hour. And in this case, the rubber will not burn, but only to disintegrate, evenly losing its characteristics. But when you turn the irrigation system chassis (by car and provides a solution) — a terrible temperature is increased to seven hundred degrees. Another plus that of the roller is rubber protection from mechanical damage — on ordinary rinks it is cut and breaks when hit stones and iron objects on the treadmill track.

"The military origin" of the chassis determines its resistance to erosion, in the event of a collision on the explosive subject. Openwork caterpillar — it does not track but aims, and is made up of component parts, also equipped with holes for blasting missing piece formed in the explosion of gas through it, thereby reducing their destructive force. Tumbler small mass at undermining the device high power (from 5 kg of TNT equivalent) simply tears off a suspension unit, with all this on the case is transferred only unimportant part of the energy of the explosion. In addition, in the design of the chassis lies the capacity for self-cleaning when working in mud — very superfluous to the ability to work in areas not pampered decent roads.

Smallish located in the housing tank allows you to take on board 26 tons of water — for now it's a world record. This tank capacity — not an end in itself: a powerful water cannon "shoots" 100 liters. of water per second over a distance of 100 meters. The machine is armed with a dozer blade, allows you to make passages in the rubble, etc., to make the wiring to the place of work of special equipment.

Separate mention should be developing a system remote control fire truck. In the case of the criterion with the highest level of risk (the highest level of radiation, the risk of explosion, significant power in the criteria of the massive thermal radiation, etc.), the machine able to do regular tasks without a crew on board. Management is done Fri remote control that is at a ragged distance.

At present, only made breadboard model car, on Western terms — "concept car." This machine during the test run will allow industry to test how the design as a whole, and to make an assessment of the major nodes. According to tests at the end of the year will be done by an experienced model fire engine.

In a longer-term plan for the integration of different types of specialized chassis systems: installation pulsing spray, water optical and television monitoring, bolometers (teplolokatorov), satellite navigation equipment, manipulators, the setting for the start of chemical absorption extinguishing grenades, etc.

When working with a customer (in this case, it is the Ministry of Defence) used relationship model adopted in the South American military-industrial complex: manufacturing company produces participative development of the prototype machine, and which is later than the customer. If the proposed layout of the customer satisfied — expands funding of the manufacturer to prepare the machine for mass production. Such a scheme of "spurs" to design vehicles of the highest property — if the customer is dissatisfied with the proposed prototype, the cost of the manufacturer simply not compensated. This scheme is very profitable for the country — cheap money is not being spent on the preparatory stages of development, the development of the machine is in a short time (as opposed to can recall the history of the Indian tank "Arjun", which was designed 34! Year). In addition, with the participation of several companies in the competition there is the possibility to choose the best model for both technical and on economic indicators, with all this dead-end areas not funded.

Ukrainian machine while making only the first steps, and hunt to believe that these steps will not last, and the people will long remember the good words and the machine itself, and its creators.

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