Tankers of the Southern Military Area master upgraded T-90A

Tankers of the Southern Military District master upgraded T-90A

On the military range, located in the Krasnodar region, tankers Combined Arms Association of South Military Area (SOUTH) started the field trip, during which they will learn modernized tanks T-90A received in the compound at the end of the year.

In the criteria, it is very close to the fighting, the tankers will perform fire training exercises such as the firing of guns on the run and move around on emerging targets and destruction of air targets mnogokalibernogo gun "Kord".

Average distance to the target is about 2000 meters, a distance of firing on the move — 700 meters. Target only kutsee time arise in the area of fire damage, which also requests from tankers instant reaction and accuracy when shooting.

Of the driver to learn how to overcome the limited passages in minefields, rutting bridges and other obstacles. Every second occupation will be held at night time days.

Compared with the previous period of training intensity battle training increased by 20%.

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