Tankers Russian military base in Abkhazia improve management capabilities of the T-90A advanced simulators

Tankers of the Russian military bases in Abkhazia improve management skills of the T-90A advanced simulators

Tankers Russian military base stationed in the Republic of Abkhazia, the first time held a training session on the new mobile-encompassing simulator crew of the T-90A MKT-188A (simulator MKT-188A) which compound enrolled in this year.

As said, the press service of the Southern Military Area, the uniqueness of the simulator MKT-188A lies in the ability of simultaneous preparation of the crew — a tank commander, gunner and driver. Training complex at once can show up to 15 different targets, including all of the available models of tanks, military vehicles and self-propelled guns at ranges of 100 to 4000 m moving at a speed of 60 km / h

Simulator allows the gunner and the commander of the crew work exploration targets, shooting from a place in the movement, and with small stops and moves on emerging targets low-flying air targets, to participate in a tank duel. Driver-mechanic new equipment makes it possible to work out the training to the movement of the machine, the motor run under different weather criteria, overcoming natural and man-made obstacles.

The software to do this simulator allows the tactical situation of any complexity. It forms the virtual battle space in which modeling is carried out armed confrontation with the time of day and year, the state of the weather criterion, geographical and weather features of the district training.

Finishing the test tank Russian compound in Abkhazia will be live firing of the T-90A, which will be held in October at the location of the Krasnodar region, according to the press service of the Southern Military Area.

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