Accustomed to swearing to "idiots" that hamper to make the maneuver on the road? Imagine for yourself, but turns out to be more lucky for you. After all, you do not come across people who occurred to ride on a tank! We have chosen 8 stories related to the hijacking or the acquisition of military vehicles. I sincerely wish the readers on the road to avoid meeting with any of the heroes of this material.

On concepts

Many people know how to resolve conflicts former citizens of the Russian Union of the early 90's. Dismantling — enjoying the most popular method of dispute resolution then — at that time there were no one to amaze. But here come across unusual specimens. For example, in 1992 the veterans of Afghanistan came to settle the conflict with the Chechens … in a stolen tank from the factory! Favorites detained by police, armored vehicle was confiscated — but residents of Nizhny Tagil — the town where the curious — to this day remember the story.

Cannon: store — an indispensable!

On what is best to go shopping? Naturally, the tank! Specifically so decided to British citizen Steven Ellison, who bought this purpose reconnaissance Sabre 1974 model year. The engine capacity of 4.2 liters, tridtsatimillimetrovaya automatic gun and caterpillars — what you need for easy shopping! "Toy", purchased at a military warehouse in Lincolnshire, car mechanic Steven cost of 14 000 pounds — not counting the price of insurance, special rubber pads on the tracks that protect the roads from damage and daily expenses for gasoline. But Allison is sure: the effect it produces on others, sitting in a tank's worth it!

Since wages are bad jokes

Someone is using the tank for a trip to the shops, the same test the heavy machinery at the Ural military factories found it a different application. He is using an armored car decided to fight the non-payment of wages! A man stole a tank from the landfill into a symbol of protest — but the bosses did not appreciate the gesture. The tester was fired from the factory, and is now working farmer. Now he cuts on the tractor!

By heart

We are used to treat the museum pieces, like the mock-ups. But to no avail! In 2006, the Hungarian government, the opposition hijacked Russian tank T-34 directly from the central area of Budapest. The machine was installed as a monument to the uprising in 1956 and was listed as completely secure. To suspend mess, Hungarian police used tear gas — the rebels failed to pass, and 100 meters.

Pioneer, collect scrap metal!

Russian tanks are in demand not only in Hungary. In Poland, this year has been hijacked as many as four armored vehicles since the second world war — the T-34 and T-35. However, the Poles, unlike the Hungarians invented several other uses: they decided to hand over the tanks into scrap metal. Over 80 tons of material attackers expected to receive 13 million euros — because the matter is not too lazy to draw a few tractors and crane: after the tanks were buried in the ground. But the deal collapsed, one armored car seized in the trailer, is sent to the steel mill, and the other was found on private car park in Lublin.

Do not put off until tomorrow …

This story will be helpful to those basic things like put off to the best times. After all, exactly as did the workers who found T-34 tank during search operations near St. Petersburg. Having decided that the transportation of military vehicles to the Kirov Museum is fully possible to wait, search engines "for a time" tank buried near the place where to find him. When it's time yet established, in the end, make a monument of an armored car, it was clear that the tank is not present at the place where it was left. Car and buried by search engines, and dug up … stolen! It is interesting how the use of the tank invented these thieves?

Force of Nature

Not every action there must be a sense — you can steal a tank and just. In particular, given a theft, if for earlier refreshment alcohol. Eighteen year old British soldier experienced it for myself — he climbed into the armored car and drove straight at him from a military base outside the gates. Dangers and orders of tribute acts had no effect, but suspend an intoxicated young man in a military vehicle came with the usual roadside ditch — in which "all passable" tank got stuck for some reason. The most striking thing about this story is that this is not over. Soldier ran back to the base, where the stunned at the sight of guards, seized the second armored car. Apparently did not believe the seriousness of purpose hijacker, protection and now has not stopped an intoxicated Englishman. He managed to get to the settlement Fri, just avoiding a collision with a car and a military patrol. Revelries decided to finish this very nature, substituting the "driver" of the tank tree. Fighter crashed into the plant, then the police still dare to arrest the rebel.

And last …

What can be done, while in the arms of Bacchus, you can repeat and amplify using drugs. In Sydney, a middle-aged man stole a tank — as well as an Englishman, just like that. Exclusively in Australia tried to catch the villain in a half hour. The man was driving, drugged, and for the time of their own "walk" had damaged several mobile towers and transformer boxes. Catch the thief was only after having suffered a tank stuck in the pieces of steel reinforcement.

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