Tbilisi and Moscow are one hundred percent break case

Tbilisi and Moscow can completely break off relationsRelations between Moscow and Tbilisi can be broken absolutely. The reason why may be to sell at auction in Moscow of the former guest house "Tbilisi"That the Georgian authorities to consider their own property," Kommersant ".

As stated by the Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze, the history of the building in the alley Skatertny, which "was illegally confiscated in 2006," is a "flagrant violation" of the Vienna Convention.

"In accordance with the Vienna Convention controversial issue associated with the building of the hotel, did not reach trial, although is a real dispute by exchanging notes. The Georgian side with the Swiss Embassy has sent a note of July 26, demanding the return of the structure, but the response was unusual: there was no answer, and in late August, it was clear that he was carried to the auction. This is illegal, "- she explained.

Kalandadze directed attention to the "strange coincidence": "Building put up for auction at a time when the interests section Georgia on Ostozhenka electricity cut off. "

After the war, in August 2008, and diplomatic relations were severed at the initiative of Georgia, Moscow and Tbilisi have agreed that solutions for consular issues at the Swiss Embassy in Russia will open "section of Georgia's interests," and at the Swiss Embassy in Georgia — "section of Russia's interests." Employees of Russian consular services work in a building that Russia has built a first-2000s in the center of Tbilisi. Their Georgian colleagues in Moscow itself and the accessories do not have to take the room.

A source in the Georgian Foreign Ministry said that if "the interests section Georgia"Everything will still be evicted from the building on Ostozhenka Tbilisi "Immediately perceive adequate measures". Maybe Tbilisi, accusing Moscow of violating the Vienna Convention void tripartite contract in Russia, Switzerland and Georgia on the "interests sections" in Swiss embassies in Moscow withdraws its own consular staff and expel Russian diplomats.

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