Tbilisi heard from Moscow that the desired

Tbilisi from Moscow heard what he wantedSelf-independent and Georgia, which seems to have little if anything-nibudt can distract from internal conflicts and relations of power and the newest of the former regime, December 21 and only reads about the big press conference, Vladimir Fishing season. All the same, anyway, the principal and the principal himself announcements here expect from Moscow.

The other day who wanted to, could hear something that does not even dreamed of four years, and have not heard — even more. It was all the same really. But the truth, which is encouraging.

All the really hard. And Russian President openly refers to a dead-end situation. Specifically there until the very last point of no return, it brought Saakashvili. Now Moscow will never give up the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Tbilisi will never accept their loss. Everyone knows that.

But the event one can assume that the Russian favorite in public has right of Georgia to infringement. And, perhaps for the first time, in his words sounded compassion. In principle, it can be interpreted as hoped. In this case, there is just not necessarily hear between words.

Vladimir Putin did not rule out a meeting with the Prime Minister Ivanishvili. Although it gave to understand that while we are not talking about the coming term. And the declared readiness of the Russian Federation to lift the embargo on Georgian products.

The President referred, however, to the rules of the WTO, which seemed to preclude prohibitions as between members of the organization. But all are very well aware that this is not the WTO dictates day or agenda. Moscow shows a desire to return to Georgia in the category of partner countries. So far, only trading. But in fact for this country is already the case.

It seems to be no bragging Saakashvili and Russian market to make up the loss of the republic has failed. Statement Fishing season immediately dubbed permission.

Surely, though read in advance of the return of Georgian products to Russia as about business decisions and solving. Experts insist that it is not so simple. This is associated with a number of problems not only political, and technological nature.

On the other hand, when it comes to technology, meaning it is not a policy. And this is a question of time, not sentiment. The mood is, apparently, is now.

Continue Georgian Political scientist Peter Mamradze.

Sheikman: Do you think that after what Putin said, the return of Georgian products to the Russian market one can considered a foregone conclusion?

Mamradze: In principle, it is possible. And before there were allegations, acted Onishchenko. There were other impulses. I think it is very true to begin with such specific issues.

Cultural communication, thank God, is not discontinued for a moment, despite the reckless policy of Saakashvili and his associates, I would have referred to them, regardless of the political and military adventure. Georgian film directors, actors — and Putin has said — had the opportunity to perform in Moscow and other cities. This is wonderful.

But at the moment when it all the same deadlock in political terms, and Putin is noted as a go of it — is not entirely clear, but you should start out with a particular product, you can later think about establishing direct air links, visa regime, we Thank God, saved.

I remember the words of Putin two years back, when he said that if I ever Ossetians and Georgians themselves agree upon the fact that they prefer to live in a single state, then that's their business. Naturally, this can be a matter of very distant future, we are currently not foreseeable, but this statement of principle, and with that I would agree.

Sheikman: How Putin's statement is significant? Can I come out of it to the conclusion that our homeland is fair is ready to return to Georgia in the category of partner countries?

Mamradze: I think it is. But Saakashvili while the President of Georgia and has an impact, albeit assigned illegitimate. The Constitution is entered up to October of next year, there is a strong statement of Medvedev and Putin that while Saakashvili is at the highest political office of Georgia, will not talk and communicate.

Against this background, in spite of everything, that's such a positive. Karasin met with the representative of cooperation with Russia, appointed by Ivanishvili. This Zurab Abashidze, a diplomat with vast experience, who love and appreciate in. He long years was ambassador in Russia, and Putin has said. Meeting of representatives of 2-states — is, of course, a significant step. So I'm optimistic.

No prospects Saakashvili and his associates do not and can not be. Their rating is close to zero, and if there will be elections, they can not overcome the required barrier. Malignant side that went through Georgia, leaving, and I'm optimistic that sense.

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