Tehran-53: back to the past. Komplot CIA … (Asharq Alawsat, England)

Tehran-53: the return to the past.  CIA conspiracy ... ("Asharq Alawsat", UK)Western European and North American historians and writers, documentary filmmakers of the last century in the works of their own research of Asian or African societies relied on one of 2-approaches:

-"Imperialism, self-confidence and swagger." Adhering to this theory, assured us that all the good works in the "non-Western world" not to administer the hands of those people, "Aboriginal" or "natives" as they call it was accepted, but only on the bounty of the Western powers. It was they who brought civilization to the feral and twilight edge, and any benefit Aborigines themselves could not create themselves.

-"Imperialism of guilt and self-loathing." The scientists of this, I may say, "school" insisted in his works on the fact that imperialism is guilty of all the worst they had experienced those long "midday edge."

Decades of discussion and debate on Iran in Western Europe and in the United States, curled into a tight ball of concrete around a reliable ideological core — "imperialism of guilt."

And a popular legend is so popular in Europe and overseas: in August 1953, a pair of frisky American intelligence, CIA experts have made a military coup in Tehran, overturn a legitimate and democratically elected government nationwide. And paved the path for the fanatical mullahs who seized power after 20 6 years.

Hero of events Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, the Shah appointed prime minister in the summer of 1952.

A legend created 10 years later, when the CIA, with its tarnished reputation in the Bay of Pigs, desperately in need of the most lying around "success stories".

Not so long ago, the British intelligence said it is not allowed South American "soldier" to claim all the glory komplota successfully held in Iran: British secret services have in it the very "weighty share." Christopher De Belleyg in his own not long ago published book brought back fairness by giving all the sisters on earrings. She never referred to as "Mohammed Mossadegh and catastrophic Anglo-American conspiracy. " In the UK book is published under the other, a short title, gentle feelings of the islanders — "Purely English conspiracy ".

The main figure of the narrative one Kermit Roosevelt, a recognized master of intrigue behind the scenes and other dirty deeds. He arrived in Tehran on July 19, 1953. He worked as the saying goes, "the white-gloved hands." "Reset" Mossadegh and immediately flew to London to have time to have lunch with Winston Churchill.

He "assisted" several agents, including reporter The New-York Times Kenneth Love and unknown UPI stringer of Iranian origin.

I, as an Iranian, as man, implicated by further events, I dare say that in those years, Iran has been a state constitutional monarchy. Shah had the right to appoint and dismiss the Prime Minister. By 1953, Reza Pahlavi, which sat on the throne since 1941, has had to appoint and send down 10 chapters offices. And then changed the Shah's own prime ministers such as gloves, but this should not perceive any machinations of conspirators, as the process was legally issued by the Constitution and the government at all it does not lose its own national status.

Yet, Mossadegh is considered to be one of the first liberal Near East, a man whose concept of liberty is no different from how freedom is perceived in the West or overseas. His awareness of democracy blended with the Islamic way favorite, which must first be a man of exceptional virtues. Then it will be the way to listen to the community and will follow him wherever lead.

Do not these ideas formed the basis of sermons and behavior Ruhullah Ayatollah Khomeini, his concept of the "ideal favorite of Muslims." Very similar. But if anyone even think to call himself a democrat Ayatollah, it would be perceived by him as a terrible insult and curse.

Legend has to tinker. At the moment, it is well known that Mossadegh did not fit the definition of many historians — "man grounds of nationality. " Ground aristocrat, Prince, grandson of Shah Qajar, he belonged to the so-referred to as the 1,000 families who possessed by Iran. He and all his kids were trained in Switzerland and France. To the children had the charge nurse and were sitting of the European capitals. If they are sick, they cured in Paris or Geneva.

And oh so characterizes Mossadegh Dean Acheson, U.S. Secretary of State in the past, who knew him personally, "Rich obscurantist, a feudal lord to the bone, Persian possessed a ferocious hatred of the British."

The Iranian drama's 1951-53 was, in fact, the opposition of British colonialism and Persian nationalism. So they say historians. Zapamyatyvaya that Iran has never been a colony of the English Crown. However, the Iranian-British oil company ruled on important areas in the province. Is colonization? Only 118 employees, the British. The vast majority of Iranians in all my life has not beheld neither the 1st living Briton.

Another leisurely fiction historians, "the Persians, the inhabitants of the Orient, are facing the snow-white world." The Persians never called themselves the "eastern people", and the more dark-skinned …

And yet, all the same … March 15, 1951 Mossadegh, a very controversial figure, we will not hide, participated in the adoption of the law on nationalization of the oil fields of Iran. There was a conflict between Iran and the United Kingdom and the United States. Premier sent all British professionals and advisers, and then in December 1952 broke with the British diplomatic affairs.

Mossadegh reforms have affected agriculture. Namely, abolished the ancient feudal system in the country.

In response, the U.S. and Britain announced a boycott of Iranian oil, and began to prepare a coup in the country. CIA allocated to overthrow the opposite premiere one a million bucks — a fabulous sum in those days! These funds were bribed disgruntled soldiers, traders, lumpen, black rabble of the villages, the rest of the extremist element …

According to the country grew protest movements. Crowds of people pulled down the monuments to the Shah, who was obedient puppet Yankees and taxied oil policy "on course." Shah fled the country.

Iran entered into a democratic thaw. But it never came. Military came to power, returned concession Yankees and the British. Mossadegh was arrested and exiled to his estate. Under the supervision of the authorities.

Of those distant glimpse of democracy in the Middle East just reminds day on March 15, announced in 1979 in the revolutionary Iran prazdnichkom on the occasion of the nationalization of the oil industry, but one of the main streets in Cairo, named in honor of Mossadegh.

Christopher De Belleyga book called Memoirs distant historical events. And "not very comfortable thought," What are these for now evrostolitsy and the United States strongly urge all of us, the inhabitants of the Near and Middle East, to democracy, the germs which they fiercely once trampled.

Or is it a completely different "sides of the bargain", "pocket" of democracy …

One-time use. As in Tehran-53 …

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