Teraformatsiya in gray or the Fed against the Gulf Stream

Excerpts from the report of the formerMinister of Property and Deputy Prime Minister, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Academy of Natural SciencesV.P.PolevanovainInstitute of Dynamic Conservatism 

"Warm and Ultra-climate U.S. and Western Europe by 90% due to the thermal effect of the Gulf Stream ocean, prenosyaschego 50 million m3 of hot water per second — the power of 10 to the 15th degree KW (1.5 petawatt) heat. Which is equivalent to one million power plant to heat the centuries adjacent to the Atlantic regions. This "thermal additive" on 8-10? C raises the temperature in the EU and U.S..

What gives?

The average annual temperature in Moscow 3.8? C, located north of Reykjavik many warm Golfstrimom to +5? C In Yakutsk, Wed temperature — 10.2? C, located on the same latitude as Helsinki heated to 6.8? C, London with the Gulf Stream 11? C, Voronezh (without the Gulf Stream), at the same latitude — +5? C Berlin — +10? C "odnoshirotny» Novosibirsk -0.2? C.

Grain yield in non-black, but warmed up in Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Ireland … between 60 to 85 kg / ha, while yields black earth of Ukraine — 24 kg / ha, nonchernozem Russia — 12-15 kg / ha. In Europe and the U.S. there is no drought and spring frosts, and today the United States and Canada exported 100 million tons grain, and Western Europe 50 million tons There crop yields only 5% depending on the climate (stability, attached by the Gulf Stream), whereas we have — 50%.

Gracious and warm climate, the lack of freezing and thawing of the soil, saving trillion. dollars on infrastructure and its operation, saving a huge amount of gas, oil, coal, electricity, building materials and insulation. No need to build a powerful central heating system and heating. The population keeps warm clothes, there is no need to eat more high-calorie food. In dozens of times longer remain expensive. Etc.

Gulf Stream to the EU and the U.S. — a huge advantage economies and their populations.

"Gratuitous" Gulfstream started to act up

The kitchen is located in the weather and Sev.Atlantike Sev.Ledovitom Ocean. The role of the heating system is the Gulf Stream, which many have identified as the "oven of Europe."
Now, in the interglacial (Holocene), the characteristic pattern of ocean currents as follows:

Cold and denser Labrador Current "dives" under the warm Gulf Stream and easier, without disturbing him warm Europe. Then the Labrador Current "emerges" from the coast of Spain called cold Canary Current, across the Atlantic, reaching the Caribbean Sea, is heated and called the Gulf Stream rushes unhindered to the North. Labrador Current density — a key factor in the well-being of the world, causing the current warm period. Today, the density of water Labrador Current only one 0.1% higher than the density of the Gulf Stream.

Labrador Current denser Gulf Stream = interglacial

Only 0.1% of the excess density, and — palm trees in London, Playa de Mallorca, the fjords of Norway and the ice-round navigation in the Barents Sea. As soon as the Labrador Current density equal to the Gulf Stream, it will cease to "dive" under the Gulf Stream, will rise to the surface and block the movement of the Gulf Stream to the north. Will block immediately (by the standards of human life: 3-10 years) and "turn off the stove," the Gulf Stream. Great "eight" ocean currents turn into two circular flow characteristic of the ice age. Gulfstream will go to Spain and will begin to circulate in a small circle, the cold Labrador Current breaks in Europe, which immediately begins to freeze.

Labrador Current is equal to the density of the Gulf Stream = Ice Age

The process will be very rapid, as evidenced by the direct data on previous cold snaps, obtained during the drilling of ice in Greenland. The air temperature in Europe for 3-20 years will be anthrax. Live in Europe and North America. America will become unbearable. London would be buried in the snow, frost reached -40 ° C. This is a real prospect of the next few years, which are seriously discussing, because now the force of the winter of the Gulf Stream to Europe is much weaker (some 30%). Abnormally cold winters of recent years in the EU — a direct consequence.

The process of "disappearance" of the Gulf Stream went full speed. Served acceleration of large-scale accidents BP oil rig April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico.

In early May 2010Barack Obamadescribed the situation in the Gulf of Mexico "potentially unprecedented environmental disaster". In the interior waters of the Gulf oil slick detected (length 16 km thick at a depth of 90 m to 1300 m).

To combat the oil slick on the water surface are widely used family of dispersants Corexit: Corexit 9500 and 9527. Total of more than 19 million liters of dispersant were added to billion gallons of oil that poured out in a few months out of the hole BP. Concern managed effectively hide much of the oil, dropping it on the bottom to reduce the size of the fine depends on the size of the oil disaster.

But all these actions had a significant impact on the speed of the Gulf Stream.

According to the latest satellite data, the North Atlantic Current (Gulf Stream) in its present form no longer exists, and with it disappeared and the Norwegian Current. These two warm water currents are actually part of the same system that has several names, depending on whether, where the Atlantic Ocean is located. This system of water circulation is dying and in other areas.

First reported in August 2010 to stop the Gulf Stream DrZangara, physicist Institute in Frascati, who a few years working with the monitoring group in the Gulf, "…abundant oil, constantly expanding in scope, covers such a huge area, which has a serious impact on the entire system of thermoregulation of the planet, by breaking up the boundary layers of the warm water flow. Pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico ceased to exist a month ago, the latest satellite data clearly show that the North Atlantic Current is now there, and the Gulf Stream begins to break apart, about 250 kilometers from the coast Sev.Karoliny. Thermohaline vascular system, where warm water flow through the cooler, have a much greater effect, not only in the ocean, but also on the upper layers of the atmosphere, up to seven miles. The lack of a common phenomenon in the eastern part of Sev.Atlantiki violated the normal course of atmospheric flows in the summer of this year, resulting in an incredibly high temperatures in Moscow (up to 40 º C), drought and floods in Central Europe, with high temperatures in much of Asia and massive flooding in China, Pakistan and other Asian countries".

According to satellite data from 22/08/2010 shows that the average temperature of water in the north of the Gulf Stream dropped 10 degrees in comparison with 2009. Conveyor system is broken into separate sections and stopped transferring to Europe warm water. Dr. Zangari: «They killed the pacemaker of world climate in the world".

Reducible to their comparative charts T surface and the speed of the jets of the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico, it is seen that in the Gulf of Mexico formed a blockage of the internal flows, and that the pump warm water of the Gulf Stream stopped in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists argue that the problem is worse in the fall and winter, when the Gulf Stream will disappear completely, and the temperature begins to fall in EU & North. America. It has long been considered that the disappearance of the Gulf Stream lead to a drop in the average temperature of the continent to 9 grams — the EU will turn to Siberia.

Siberia in Europe has already begun:

— In Germany, two consecutive months (November December 2010) remained snow thickness of about 10 cm, which has not been for many decades, and were unusual for these places frosts at night, reaching down to -20 ° C. Typical for the winter thaws in the past year was not.

— The strongest in the last 100 years frosts in December 2010 and covered England. Because of the unprecedented frosts were even closed during both the London airport.

— Icy winter rains Moscow and the region in the winter of 2010 to 2011 — m "Greetings from the Gulf Stream."

The Western press has even articles that began cooling to kill two thirds of humanity.

Curious statements Chairman of OAO "Gazprom"Alexey Miller, went online 05/11/11 years'Now in May, while the volume of exports of "Gazprom" correspond almost winter levels. Application for today — almost 500 million cubic meters". Next Miller gleefully called the current European gas market "soaring to the heavens," and confidently predicted the December 2011 gas price of $ 500 per 1,000 m3, adding: "I am sure this is not the last record in this year."

The fact that the natural way (because desalination Labrador Current) could happen in 5-10 years, it happened yesterday. Gulf Stream in its present form is not present. Officials and official media are trying to silence this, truly, terrible news, but thanks to the Internet, the news leaks. To drown the truth about the Gulf Stream, the Internet thrown thousands of horror stories and misinformation about how the climate might change from "gravity bubbles" from the "displacement of the axis of rotation of the Earth," "giant prominence on the Sun", "greenhouse effect", "ozone depletion "" supervolcano explosions in the USA "as well as the direct effects of" global warming "or" global cooling ", which supposedly is going on, etc.

Part of these phenomena are invented, some events actually taking place, but the "harm" of them is almost impossible to predict, chat events occur very slowly ("global warming" or "cooling" — as you like), when significant changes may occur in 50-100 years — too much time to really care about this generation.

In the "beacon of democracy" — the U.S. — about 1,600 scientists admitted that they either banned the use of the terms "climate change" and "global warming" in the works or materials before publication edited in the right way (of www.vesti.ru of 28 July 2009.). As a result of the real state of affairs, knows quite a few people, including the leaders of most countries.

Due to the freezing process is now reaching the EU and the U.S., desertification, agricultural regions, each person of the "golden billion" will have to spend more for $ 3-4 thousand per year ($ 4.3 trillion), to adapt the infrastructure — another $ 15-20 trillion, maintain it able winter — another 2-3 trillion. But this is not the worst thing — it would have somewhere to take the missing heat in the winter heating and feed a billion people. Because now there is the grain yield of 60-85 t / ha, and is 15-20, and now they are exporting 150 million tonnes of grain per year, and will have the same import. Thus began feverish preparations secret to climate collapse …

Preparing for disaster

The guys from the Federal Reserve and Europe do not want to starve and freeze. Preparing for disaster is under way.

What is happening with gas masks under power showdown between Russia, Ukraine, the EU and other stakeholders. Solely because of the alleged and the construction of several "alternative" pipelines.

In fact, the essence of events is very different.Gerhard Schröderannounced that by 2015 the EU will consume 200 billion m3 of natural gas per year more. Currently consumes 500 billion m3 per year. From what? Simultaneously on the team, all of the planned gas pipeline agreement, including the famous "Nabucco".

Shock construction of additional pipelines to freezing Europe

The power in the name of the entry billion m3

Nord Stream 55 2014

South Stream 63 (was 30) 2013

Blue Stream II 16 2014

Nabucco 30 2015

In addition to 40-60 billion m3 increase gas pipeline system of Belarus and Ukraine.

In agreeing pipelines Estonia, Finland and Bulgaria, are "not in the know ', tried to freeze the agreement. But after a lightning shout "looking" in a day or all signed.

Gas for "Nabucco" can be made only from Iran, which absolutely do not want to do that. So either in Iran will be declared victorious development of democracy, both in manual Saudi Arabia (if Iran agrees to sell cheap gas), or there will strip "cashmere" revolutions. Iran understands this and dramatically strengthens ties with China, which is now trying to organize a single unit with Turkey, Syria and Azerbaijan, and dramatically increases the combat effectiveness of the army.

What is Russia doing to save the future "zamerzaltsev"

the decision to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Yamal capacity of 5 million tonnes (equivalent to 7.3 billion m3 of natural gas). Shipments to the U.S. and the EU;

— construct an LNG plant in the Murmansk region (the village of Teriberka) capacity of 15 million tons of LNG (equivalent to 22 billion m3 GHG) emissions. Exports to the EU;

— thawed by the decision to build the Baltic LNG plant in the Leningrad region, capacity — 3.5 million tonnes of LNG (equivalent to 5.1 billion m3 GHG) emissions. Exports to the EU.

All of these pipelines and refineries should come into operation in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015. Ie all in full — no later than 2015.

Natural gas prices will soon increase to $ 1,000 per 1,000 m3 (200segodnya).

In addition, Russia has started to build the world's first floating nuclear power plant (FNPP), at the Baltic Shipyard, capacity 70Mvt. Plan to build another seven emergency such stations — for heating or Murmansk Pevek. But there are fears that they will carry out "international duty" KDE somewhere in Manchester, Liverpool.

Feverishly energovooruzhaetsya and Europe. Spitting on the "green" began to build nuclear power plants in Finland (the new block at the plant "Loviisa" ranging from 1 to 1.8 GW). Decided to develop nuclear power in Sweden and Bulgaria …

In alternative energy leader Germany, where there are over 17 thousand wind turbines. April 27, 2010 came into operation the first offshore wind energy park "Alpha Ventus". His seven generators, with the foundation for a 30-m depth in the North Sea, 45 km from g.Borkun. Planned to build 25 more offshore wind farms: 22 of them are in the North, 3 — in the Baltic Sea. Now the share of renewable sources in Germany, 10% in 2020 to 20%.

Britain urgently planning to build several offshore wind farms with total capacity of 32 GW (equivalent to 30-40 NPP).

Denmark since 1991. has nine offshore wind farms with a total capacity of 630 megawatts. Largest "Horns Rev 2" covers an area of 35 km2 in the open North Sea and includes 91 turbines of 2.3 MW / h each.

France in general is trying to get electricity using wind currents along the freeways. Experiment has already begun on the motorway Paris-Lyon.

The EU is planning to build in the Sahara the world's largest solar power plant worth 400 billion euros ("Sun City").

Battle for the Harvest

Yields on both sides of the Atlantic will inevitably begin to fall from 80-60 kg / ha to 10-15. Where the exporting countries will be forced to buy the missing 150 million tons grains?

Here we must recall Madagascar, where, in January-March 2009, the overthrow of the president occurred "in the name of democracy." Why would the simple peasants Madagascar, 50% of the Gentiles, 80% are illiterate, so they decided on it? The cause of unrest was the fact that the President has given a 99-year lease in South Korea with 1.3 million ha / agricultural land (of arable land on the island of 2.5 million ha) for growing corn, driven from the land mass of the peasants.

When the owners of the Federal Reserve rushed to buy land in Sudan, it appears that China is ahead of them, taking with Thrane term lease millions of hectares of farmland. Was sparked by a religious civil war and all the old Chinese agreement with the Sudanese government had lost legal force. China must begin all over again.

Why flared up North. Africa and Middle East: Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Morocco … which suddenly overnight decided to live in a democratic?

Chaos broke out exactly in the Sahara and Bl.Vostoke. These regions in the near future will be the areas of favorable climate, where the sun add to the abundance of the abundance of water from certain after the "turn" the Gulf Stream. Land in the Sahara will be worth its weight in gold, so local leaders should be changed to new, obedient. The strategy revolves in Libya, Yemen and Syria held in Egypt came to power not American puppets. In order to continue to rock the U.S. power there began organizing interfaith clashes pitting Coptic Christians with Muslims.

The purpose of a land grab, concealed the words of the progress and welfare of the people, passing shattered Europe, which sent the crowd of refugees.

Russia benefits from climate change Gulf Stream

This can be by setting the analysis of multiple data. In 1995, 63 million hectares of land, Russia received 63.4 million tons of grain, ie yield was 10.1 t / ha. RF power in the USSR reached ruined chemicals, irrigation, fertilizers, etc. and reduced the crop area to 47 million hectares, but Russia was in 2008 — 108.2 million tons grain, and in 2009 — 97.1. Yield was respectively 23.0 and 20.6 kg / ha. Gulf Stream in the years only stayed, but even that has given climate mitigation effect.

Of course, to ignore Russia could not. And our vassal government issued "Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 25 October 2010. № 1874-r ", where for a" holy "purpose"create conditions to attract investment, stimulate development of the stock market as well as the modernization and technological development"Assert"List of legal persons for the organization on behalf of the Russian privatization of federal property sales and implementation functions of the seller":

1. JSC "Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow)"

2. "VTB Capital"

3. OOO "Deutsche Bank"

4. OOO "Investment Company of Vnesheconombank (VEB Capital)"

5. LLC "JP Morgan Bank International"

6. Ltd. "Merrill Lynch Securities'

7. LLC "Morgan Stanley"

8. Ltd. "Renaissance Broker"

9. JSC "Russian auction house"

10. Branch of an unlimited company "Goldman Sachs (Russia)"

The government has published a list of five months later — March 18, 2011., In "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". The sellers of the property assigned to Russia six western banks, including the Rothschilds, "Goldman Sachs," which even in the U.S. believe the cause of all crises of the last 6.

The organizer of the Popular Front —PutinThe Fed has quietly companions and comrades to buy the remains of the Russian property. December 20, 2010, the Russian government has added another 13 sellers of federal property. 8 of them are foreign banks, including the Company "Barclay's Capital" LLC, "UBS Bank" and so on. Calmed the offended, do not worry, Russian property for free — enough for everyone.

The list in the privatization plan for 2011-13gg — and "SCF" and OAO "RZD" and part Sberabanka and more. Of the 10 companies, only one is selling 100% of the shares. Guess what? 'United Grain Company"(Until 2012). So from January 1, 2012 will dispose of our grain, "Goldman Sachs."

To better clean yet ours, but will soon have "their" grain harvest in Russia decided to urgently build U.S. forces two factories for the production of tractors and combines in the Kaluga and Voronezh regions.

The dry residue

1. The catastrophic climate change on both sides Sev.Atlantiki due to slowing the Gulf Stream to Europe. Since 2006, Gulf Stream slowdown was caused by natural causes: freshening of the Labrador Current. After a disaster, June 20, 2010 an oil platform, the Gulf Stream stopped by human intervention.

2. In parallel with the worsening climate Sev.Atlantike began a sharp improvement in the climate in Russia and Africa (especially Sev.Afrike).

3. The battle for the land of Africa. A series of revolutions and wars due to an attempt to take the Fed's cheap land in Africa, pushing China.

4. The EU and the U.S. do not want to freeze so quickly agreed to the construction of the disputed gas pipelines from Russia, hoping to increase the supply of gas by 2016 and 700 billion m3 instead of 500. In parallel, the EU began to boom in the construction of "alternative" energy installations. Russian mandated to conduct a seven PAES (floating nuclear power plants) for future heating cities in Europe.

5. In order to fully take control of the grain market of Russia with the huge increase in productivity, a vassal, the Russian government published October 25, 2010 order № 1874-p, where sellers of federal property assigned mainly Western banks. In the Russian government plans to privatize only one "United Grain Company" to be sold at 100% up to 2012. The first candidate for the purchase of "Goldman Sachs."

6. In the near future all the most valuable part of the Russian industry, aluminum, oil, nickel, railways, etc. come under the control of the Fed. Not accidentally 1874 p resolution, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Rusal"DeripaskabecomeNathaniel Rothschild, ready to lead and "Norilsk Nickel". C / x lands to Russia in large numbers will come under their control. Symptomatic of a broad sell-best protected lands Altai organization "Zion" Earth in the Altai »(www.sionaltai.ru).

7. Naturally, all this will take place under a veil of initiatives "destanilinizatsii" fight against extremism, the creation of the fronts and the development of "democracy."

Principle: "Who benefits?" — Has not been canceled.


As can be seen, the situation is not very favorable. It is unfortunate that today's young people are less and less pay attention to such issues and more looks toward entertainment establishments that contributes except that the fast life. Of course it is not ovseh representatives, 'There must be young people who are given to: sell 1C, learn to work with it, I'm going to work in the same spirit. In any case, the second win in the end much more.

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