Terrorism, mines and propaganda

Terrorism, mines and propagandaIt's no secret that the armed groups that are not able to resist the enemy in the open field, almost always run across a guerrilla strategy. And international terrorism is one of the best examples. Within the borders of the Russian Federation is a further form a significant improvement in the situation in the North Caucasus in the last 8-10 years has meant that the open clash of federal forces and terrorists have become quite rare occurrences. At the same time, where a great responsibility rests on the shoulders, bomb technicians, specifically because the bombs are a favorite tool of terrorists around the world. We will not dwell on the reasons for such "love", but simply note that the fact that the current criteria struggle with variegated miner including warning bookmark explosive devices, is one of the most important areas of the fight against terrorism.

Usually intelligence work for the eradication of possible terrorist attacks, not rewarded publicity and the public have to enjoy just dry statistics statistics. First month of April and at RIA Announcements accomplished press conference with the role of the Department of State Counterterrorism Committee. In its course been told a few facts of today's situation in the field of improvised explosive devices used by terrorists. First, it should be noted that the threat of terrorist attacks, though was noticeably smaller, but still harsh at first due to the fact that the trouble special services entail injury and even death of innocent people. Because employees of the FSB, the Interior Ministry and the Defense Ministry have to work hard. Overall results of this work over the past year look very successful. So, it was detected and dismantled more than 10 relatively large workshops, manufacturing improvised explosive devices. In total, were seized and destroyed more than five hundred bombs and 400 tons of various explosives. On the basis of those casualties and destruction could have caused all of this infernal machine, you can imagine how useful for the country was the work of the security services.

But investigators, operatives and explosives is not as easy to work with. This is particularly true of the latter. Advisor to the Chairman of NAC A. Przhezdomsky complained at a press conference that the bandits soon began using a new type of explosive device. In appearance it is a small-sized iron ball. Inside it are the charge, fuse and a small electronic circuit. Installed such "surprises" in the majority of cases on cars with magnets. Due to size and shape to find such explosive device hard enough. In addition, even with the successful detection of life of the people continues to be a threat. In the hands of professionals FSB got a few copies of the spherical mine and find out very, very nasty feature of her. The fact that it responds to any movement, vibration, etc. In other words, the cocked mine explodes when the driver starts the car engine starts to move, and then just open the door. Of course, in such a disarming homemade explosive device requires a remarkable accuracy.

"What's New" of this kind do not affect the special services. No matter what kind of brand new construction Pipe Bomb, put on stream, with the passage of time gets to bomb technicians and experts are studying it carefully. According to the study clarified feeble space mines and advice produced by its disposal. Of course, the terrorists in response to invent and develop new designs. The circle is complete and is almost a real arms race, even armed with only one side. In this case, it is a worldwide trend.

Vtochnosti a worldwide trend samples are terrorists (and not always far unsuccessfully) to recruit into their ranks as yet innocent people through propaganda. Often used the most ordinary, but from a more intelligible slogans, namely religious persuasion. Through these actions the terrorists manage to not only increase their numbers, but even ready to prepare all the bombers. So Makar, except to identify and eliminate already pledged explosive devices, also find the workshops in their manufacturing work security services should be directed at preventing the recruitment and terrorist groups. According Przhezdomsky in this area are active work.

Cheers, that the forces of the State Counterterrorism Committee focused on several areas at once. Perhaps that's why over 6 years of its existence the security services included in the NAC, found and removed more than 1,300 gang databases, caches and workshops, and the bill is withdrawn explosive devices and explosives goes on and hundreds of thousands of tons, respectively. Let us lay in the future successful work NAC will continue, but from the news reports just disappear reported attacks occurred and will occur only tidings of preventing them.

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