Terrorist attack in Budennovsk — a catastrophe that can not be forgotten

Terrorist attack in Budennovsk - a tragedy that can not be forgotten

Home majestically Russian war in 1941 and the terrorist attack in Budennovsk — these two dates will remain forever in the memory of the people. Of course, talk about the fact that the number of victims who were killed in their course, incomparably, but any human life — has no price!

But if the period of the war in people's memory preserved much evidence, then the second event starts evenly forget.

June 14, 1995 in the small town of Budennovsk real bloody drama played out: a terrorist group numbering colo 200 militants took hostage about 2-thousand peaceful inhabitants. Although this disaster has been written many true and not of essays and stories, though you need the brakes on this subject again.

The terrorist attack in Stavropol region convulsed the country. Even despite the fact that many years have passed since that time, as the gang Basayev seized clinic, so far about 20 gunmen are still at large.

It all started with the fact that a small militant group led by Shamil Basayev invaded the peaceful population of the town of Budennovsk and herded him to the city clinic. Those who refuses to obey, simply shot. Local police attempted to speak out against the terrorists, but almost all were killed.

The main requirement to put forward the terrorists — this is the cessation of hostilities on the territory of Chechnya and the start of negotiations with the regime of Dudayev.

Terrorist attack did not appear out of nowhere. The fact is that at the end of 1994, Russian forces launched operations to disarm gangs that operated illegally in Chechnya. Next year the militants have purchased firearm and explosives, and then made the group, whose head was Basayev. This formation is working out the plan attacks on local residents and organizations. Had been selected some Russian town, the whole group was divided into small groups, each of which had its own task. Managed all Basayev. The ultimate goal of the gang — is to achieve independence of the Chechen Republic and its complete separation from the Russian Federation with the capture as a tool to influence the federal government a huge number of hostages in one of the larger cities.

Home terrorist attack was initiated when the 6 KAMAZov militants were on the streets Budennovska. Along the way, going to the local clinic killed about 100 people, there were attacks on the administration building, Houses of children's creativity, nursing, fire station, and other buildings that were in the vicinity of a particular administration.

The total number of peaceful inhabitants, who managed to capture the terrorists in the streets of the town, up 600 people. And in order to further intimidate the local population, they were placed around the tank with fuel and threatened to undermine the trial in the case of release of the hostages. In addition, it has captured about 1,100 workers and patients clinic.

In the first attack the same day gunmen seized the hostages out of 6 people who were shot in front of the main body clinic. Around the same time, they have been mined areas in which there were hostages.

So Makar, the acts of insurgents almost completely blocked the work of all the companies and institutions of the town, had been violated water, gas, telephone did not work. After Budennovsk established control over the situation, Basayev and put forward the main requirements. To achieve the proof of their performance, under the pretext that the journalists were not just right, killed one of the hostages, and then — another 5 people.

The next day after the hostage was the beginning of conduct counterterrorism operations to free them and apprehend terrorists. The leaders of this transaction all of their focus is on developing the operational headquarters, which eventually was 5. Chief among them was in the room Budennovska district police department. From there, via telecommunication received orders regarding the details of the operation, reported the smallest configuration of the situation specifically Chernomyrdin (which while served as prime minister), also held talks with the management of the militants. The main task that has been entrusted to a central headquarters, was to analyze all incoming info and based on this — to coordinate all actions and decisions were made concerning the transaction. Of luck and coherence of the central headquarters of employees as a result and success of the operation depended. Officially manage this structure was named General of the Army, Interior Minister V.Erin.

Specifically, he owns the decision to raid the captured militants hospitals, but even in spite of the fact that the conduct of its planned defer a day or two to prepare, though absolutely take responsibility for the power method of solving this situation no one wanted.

Meanwhile, negotiations with the management of the militants last. Their essence was not only the fact, that Basayev persuaded to release the hostages as possible, and in fact, to win extra time to prepare for the assault. In preparation for the operation Special Forces and law enforcement agencies had to abandon the use of machine guns, rifles and grenade launchers, as militants, anticipating such course of events, put up as a human shield in the windows of the hostages. But the rejection of the use of the "heavy artillery" did not come to the liking of the generals and ministers. But who gave the nod to the introduction into the life of the plan which led to the death of some 20 hostages, at the present time there are only a guess.

Apart from this, there was also the headquarters of the army, which was headed by Colonel-General A.Kvashin. He sincerely believed that the struggle against the militants — is purely a police matter, and the army need not have anything to do business, and therefore put forward a proposal to lift helicopters in the air and shoot the clinic, which completely destroyed the militants. Apparently, completely forgetting that there are and hostages.

Third main headquarters which acted in the town during those sad events — it's police. It was headed by General V.Medveditskov. Specifically, he first went to negotiate with Basayev. And the first step is fully completed successfully, the general returned with 4 hostages. And the room itself clinic, he walked several times a day. And after his catastrophic events "asked" from office, then Medveditskaia came to the clinic with a nervous breakdown.

June 19, 1995 the bulk of the hostages had been freed. But with an militants took 123 people hostage (this usually were people who had given their consent to accompany them: journalists, MPs and representatives of the local administration). They all were released after the profit on the Chechen countryside.

The overall results are disappointing attack, killing 129 people, including 18 policemen and 17 soldiers. As for the management of the militants, the chief of them — Shamil Basayev — was killed in 2006, in 2000 Aslambek Ismailov was blown up by a mine, Aslambek Abdulkhadzhiev — killed in the course of the counterterrorist operation in 2002. Part of the militants were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

After a bad conduct of the rescue operation, President Yeltsin aggressively criticized the actions of special services. As a result, were dismissed from their posts by the Minister of Regional Policy and Nationalities N.Egorov, Interior Minister V.Erin also director of the Federa
l Security Service Sergei Stepashin.

Apart from him, hurt and other spices that are perceived very specific role in the operation Budeonovsk clinic, and the country has become much less expert in the field of law enforcement and special services.

One of these experts was a fighter special forces "Alpha" which was a member of the long-distance events — Colonel A.Rudenko. He died in June 2012 at the age of 47 years. His service in the special unit he started in the middle of the 80s and went to the exclusive in store in 2010. He led war in Afghanistan, held two Chechen war, took an active role in the liberation of hostages in Moscow, Sukhumi, Pervomay. And, of course, in Budennovsk … Specifically, there is division "Alpha" has suffered the greatest loss in the history of its existence. Storming the clinic, in fact, was a bloodbath, since no fire support from "alfovtsev" was not. Apply no armor, no air force, there was no power, and the militants led a barrage of fire. Because the men of "Alpha" stormed the threes. In the course of the operation unit has lost about 30 percent of its own composition. In addition, various wounds received another 415 people. But particularly after the operation against the militants in the Russian Federation adopted a special law on the fight against terrorism, according to which what used to satisfy forbidden whatsoever demands of the militants.

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