Terrorist attack on Afghan wedding: an explosion after an embrace

Terrorist attack on Afghan wedding: an explosion after an embrace

Daughter to marry a member of the Afghan parliament Ahmad Khan Samangan in the town of Aibak fully rented the most expensive of the local hotels. Security at the event, which was attended by over three hundred people personally involved in the investigation department head of the city. Allowed inside only invited guests. At the time of the explosion, most people had gathered on the upper floors, while Ahmad Khan Samangan in the lobby, along with a group of elders met another kind of a delegation from the adjacent province. Murderer he is likely to know personally. Witnesses they say that a man walked in and were greeted by the father of his wife's hot, the men hugged, then there was a explosion.

"It was a resounding clap, I ran outside and saw some places 40-50 man, They lay on the ground, dead and wounded, they asked for help. All around there was blood, body parts were scattered, "- said one of the witnesses.

The blast wave of people thrown through the windows of the hotel lobby. Inside — the pieces of furniture and broken glass. Explosion such was the force that damaged the supporting joists, people had to be evacuated from the building. Police calculated the 22 killed, 40 more man were hospitalized in the languid state.
Responsibility for the attack so far no one has not taken over, but the local authorities do not fluctuate substantially, that the explosion — the work of the Taliban. The victim Ahmad Khan Samangan — the last Mujahid, who during time Taliban rule in the late 90's was in the Northern Alliance and waged a guerrilla struggle against the regime. Even earlier, in time Russian operations in Afghanistan, he was one of the mujahidin warlords.

With a track list of enemies of the deceased was enough. Interestingly another — attack occurred at a relatively moderate north of the country, in the province of Samangan. The other day in the adjacent Laghman, a bomb attached to the underside of the machine, was killed by the head of the local branch of the Ministry for the ladies. On Monday, July 9, sabotage claimed the lives of 35 people, seven of them — NATO soldiers, six others — local police, killed in street fighting in Helmand province. It came out two months after how local authorities announced the beginning of the third phase of the admission control of the state from NATO's military command.

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