Terrorist attacks a la Breivik in Norway is completely likely. And intelligence from them will not save

Terrorist attacks a la Breivik in Norway are quite possible.  And intelligence from them will not save

Terrorist attacks on the subjects of Norway in the style of Anders Breivik could be repeated in full. This was said to journalists managing intelligence kingdom Roger Berg. In his view, there is a possibility that terrorist, similar Breivik, commits such attacks.

To the public R. Berg presented a report on the 37 pages devoted to the actions of the intelligence before and after the attacks Breivik. On it informs "Interfax".

Speaking on behalf of the intelligence of the country, Berg said that he regretted that the spies did not warn the attacks. Also he said. that from the standpoint of intelligence, Breivik — is terrorist-weird loner with a view of the world.

Breivik, he said, was planning future attacks, and one for many years. Norwegian intelligence service can not deal with the special investigations to identify those that are similar Breivik.

As pointed out by Berg, the public need to look at other social mechanisms, raising kids on school conceive of taking care of each other. Society must determine with how best to arrange their future, and with what strategic steps should be done — with a view to future such incidents do not recur.

The victims of the double act of terrorism, which gave Anders Breivik July 22, 2011, seven men were 70. In the government buildings in Oslo, he made an explosion that killed 8 man, and after a few hours Breivik opened fire at a youth camp of the Norwegian Labour Party on the island. Uta near the Norwegian capital. The victims of the second attack were 69 people.

After the first interrogation Breivik confessed to the attacks but did not plead guilty. Against the killer was charged under Art. 147 Norwegian capital — in the commission of a terrorist act in the form of intentional killing.

Patrons Breivik is said that his guilt must be more justified in court — despite the acclaim. The lawyers said that if the Breivik to recognize common mental level, he can give the bullpen in '21 (the largest term). But if Breivik deemed insane, it is likely he will be assigned to forced healing.

As previously reported in the media, the doctors who examined the terrorist in the bullpen Ila, where he is being held in the summer of 2011, has already come to the conclusion of the insanity of the offender. But the district tribunal Oslo 13th January 2012 proclaimed the other professionals to the latest examination of Breivik's mental health.

Recall that the court in the case Breivik will begin April 16.

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