Terrorists have no luck in Aleppo

Terrorists have no luck in Aleppo

A few days back supported by the West and Qatar bandits were preparing a large-scale attack in the town of Aleppo. But they were not lucky on a grand scale. The failure of intruders and happiness peaceful inhabitants, a massive explosive device went off perfectly, not where the creators want, and not at the time. 40 terrorists were blown up. It came in the quarter Bustan Al Qasr.

One can only imagine for yourself how powerful was the explosion and how many casualties and damage it could cause to people, if not criminals techno bug (or is not God's work!)

This is not only bad luck terrorists. In the same town at them there was a bloody feud. In the quarter Marjah two militant groups do not share the property looted from the peaceful inhabitants. 18 pseudo-revolutionaries were killed in this battle, including — and the commander of one of the gangs got into an argument.

Comes to funny things. So, on the bodies of some militants killed in Aleppo, began to look for iron pants. Later one of the terrorists who wore them, was taken prisoner. The soldiers he was asked why he wears to assume such a burden. Appeared one of the imams recommend it to them, because after the death of their expected 40 houris in paradise, and let the battle tear anything, but "there" all will be safe. And these people they say about "the struggle against dictatorship" and talk about "the future Syria without Assad? "

The peaceful inhabitants of Aleppo, and again the town and show the world that do not want to create these "democratizers jihadist" in their own town. At first, in the Al-Kalyasa, and then — in the Al-Dzhallyum. In this case, the last demonstration, as it was a lot of times, the bandits opened fire and wounded several people. But despite all this, they can not break people nepokorlivogo town which not create lust at these invaders — in other words it is unrealistic to apply, despite the fact that among them there are Syrians have crept into the middle of mercenaries from Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Turkey and even Pakistan.

In Homs bandits also not lucky — they are preparing a series of terrorist attacks, but the soldiers seized a car in which the terrorists were transported 200 improvised explosive devices. These bombs will not destroy innocent people.

But in Damascus, unfortunately, there have been more terrorist acts. So, on December 22 in the quarter Kafr Sousse on the way to work was shot more one Syrian journalist — television operator Haidar Asmudi, born in 1967. He made up for the woeful list of Syrian workers and foreign media, who died at the hands of pro-Western bandits in the fight for truth and genuine freedom of speech …

5 people have died as a result of terrorists car packed with explosives blew up in the capital Kabun quarter, next to the mosque.
On the same day there was an attack on a high-voltage tower in Maaddamiya. Expensive equipment out of service, and some Damascus were without electricity for several hours. Electricity Minister SAR arrived on the scene and said that such attacks are aimed at undermining the country's economy and worsen the living conditions of people.

This is — one of the numerous attacks against the system power supply. Suffice it to recall a major attack on December 10 at an electric power station in Kabune as well as many residents of the capital were left without electricity. The attack on the infrastructure — one of the beloved occupation "freedom fighters" — because such makarom they are fighting for the freedom of the Syrian people from electricity and other benefits of civilization and human rights sit in the dark.

In the suburbs of Damascus, in the farmlands, the bandits tried to grab one of the fundamental units. The soldiers repelled the attack, but in battle heroically fallen commander of this part, protecting its own troops. Militants also trumpeted the capture part, but in fact there were not able to withstand even the 2-hours. At the moment the object is under the full control of the government troops.

Syria's Minister of disk imaging Omran Al-Zoubi December 23 gave a press conference in Damascus. He stressed that at present there is a strengthening of information attack against Syria, the success of the militants are exaggerated, but in fact they can not even hold a checkpoint 15 minutes longer, not to mention the rest.

Al-Zoubi stressed that the Syrian people and management are optimistic, fighting terrorism, calling for all the healthy forces of society to dialogue, which and to find the country's future. Those who rejects dialogue and calls for foreign intervention — have nothing to do with patriotism as well as a small sign of patriotism — it's dislike of any kind was outside interference.

Speaking of the Syrian army, the minister said that it is incorrect to call it one of the parties to the conflict, as the army is the country and its people and is opposed to terrorists. This — the duty servicemen and it is fixed in the Constitution Syria. What did for terrorism, there can be positive and negative terrorism, applicable and unacceptable, whatever slogans and his gaze can cover up.

Despite its confrontation terrorists and mercenaries, Syria forgets about building, about education, about taking care of its own citizens. And even such prazdnichkom as a day of wood — Prime Minister Wael al-Khalq took part in the classical planting seedlings, that grew out of their new trees — the signs of the world and the latest life.

UAR President Bashar al-Assad signed a law on the state budget Syria, the amount of which is more than last year — and this despite the sanctions and damage done by bandits, mercenaries! Means the economy is able to withstand even such terrible blows.

Another decree of the President of Syria — to develop in the town of Salamis province Nahal branch Homsskogo Institute Baath — also indicates the desire of the authorities to the CAP peace and creation, not the war that the country trying to impose some external players, guided only by attempts to profit from the blood of innocent people, how did they do it more than once.

And more and more people in the world appreciate the durability of Syria and its desire for peace and condemn those who try to break this country. Even one of which relates to a hard Syria — Turkey — many citizens condemn the anti-Syrian government policy.

Confirmation of this — I will give a demonstration in the town of Antakya. Thousands of people, most of them women, on the anti-war slogans, with the portraits of Bashar al-Assad and Syrian flags took to the streets to say "no" hard-core policy of Erdogan and his government to support Syria in its struggle. The demonstration was organized on the initiative of the Turkish Workers' Party, and was, in spite of pressure from the police erdoganovskih. The participants also condemned the deployment of U.S. missiles "Patriot" in Turkey, calling them an emblem of war, is fully suitable neither Turkey nor anyone else.

Synchronously with this action was a demonstration in the Syrian town of Latakia, which was attended by many guests from Turkey. Its own member in the majority were also ladies. Syrian and Turkish citizens condemned Erdogan, who became an American puppet and servitude for the U.S. to turn Turkey into a base for the "Al-Qaeda", "Dzhebhat An-Nusra" and other terrorist organizations. The participants t
alk about the unity of the Syrian and Turkish peoples, that between them fraternal affairs, and the people of both countries do not want war, like any vented their directors among themselves anti-Syrian komplota.

But terrorists need war, as it is needed, and those who support them. And they are planning more and more attacks. But in Aleppo have them again there was a huge disaster. 23 December them again detonated an explosive device, not where they want. 15 fighters in the same quarter of Bustan al-Qasr killed by his own grenade, which was prepared for the others. What could be more true when the evil turns against those who wish to create it?

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