The aliens came to the rally

December 13, 2011 5:44

Photo: The Daily Mail / Barcroft Media

Photo: The Daily Mail / Barcroft Media

Unidentified flying object was watching for the audience at the Swamp area.
At a time when tens of thousands of people gathered at the Swamp area to protest against electoral fraud in the parliamentary election, in the skies over the capital for them was watching an unidentified flying object. That, at least, British journalists.
With a kind aircraft, captured amateur footage, like a normal helicopter — the same which circled Dec. 10 on Bolotnaya Square and Revolution Square, where protesters gathered. However, on closer inspection there were some differences. According to witnesses, which refers to The Daily Mail, the device hovering over the ground without the least noise, and the fact that the photographs like the propeller blades are not moving. A poorly taken to determine the exact size and shape of the object is not possible.

Explain the appearance of strange things over the Swamp took paranormal investigator Michael Cohen. "At NASA recently admitted that aliens can watch our civilization with unmanned probes, — he said. — It is possible that this phone is just such a drone, and the aliens are showing strong interest in our political affairs. "

Note before Mr. Cohen has argued that Russia is one of the hotbeds of UFO activity, and "moving alien ships tracked her by both military and civilian agencies." He expressed his opinion, giving a comment on the incident with the alien that came into contact with the freezer. Then the British publication observed that in recent years in different regions of Russia, the cases where people have seen UFOs and aliens.


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