The Banality of Evil

The details of the ship Olga Karach, Oleg Borshevsky, Paul and Paul Stanevsky Levinau impressed by the fact that the German researcher Anna Arendt called the banality of evil. Her book with the same name has been devoted to the process of the chief executioner of the Jews by the Nazi Eichmann. And Arendt was struck, saw no infernalnaga Ogre, and a humble civil servant, like a bank clerk. Only the clerk counts money, and Eichmann exterminated millions of people — just as methodically, carefully designed according to strict procedures. Just work like that.

Does not compare the scale — bad form, compared it with Nazism, Stalinism that is better reserved for far worse times. But it is entirely appropriate to I think, Comparison type: memorized routines indications of abuse dirty "witnesses"-the police, memorized routines drop all the arguments the judges. And the reaction to all of the fine dialectic Levinau Paul, how he caught on the obvious contradictions "witnesses" — longing, the same routine, well, how can, and when this change will end, and that these people do you want? As well as the siege of the apartment Valery Shchukin and subsequent arrest: what, why, from what — and with nothing, just prevention, so as not to forget what country living to life honey did not appear.

Apparently fearful and terrorism charges, which arose after the detention of defendants of and from which all normal people began to move his hair — likely, the same boring routine. Do not even question the fulfillment of the order Lukashenko "fifth column" about the terrorist attack on the subway, and not even the fact that three of the four detainees — from Vitebsk, where the main defendant allegedly coming — and just a long day of hard work, and these come from right here to download . And suddenly become terrorists are not afraid? So we will soon. That's the protocol on time will do. And there — your problems are, the bodies will understand. Well, if you are not guilty, then release someday, maybe, then life will say thank you. Funny, in short, such that the thought that the most intelligent.

It's like in the trial of the 19th — evidence that fought with riot police, no, that broke the doors Council of Ministers — is also not, "joined the raging crowd," and the whole thing.

Protocol and really was and, thanks to the professionalism of colleagues Kalinowski, became public. After all, if it were not for his photograph of the protocol did not rule out that there would work routine — just have a routine to hide their nefarious deeds. Both with the same torture Michalevic — complaints no one, nothing is confirmed, all sewn-Cree … in the sense — all beautifully and in full compliance with the law. So here — if it were not for the photos, and perhaps the story of the ugly accusation would be declared a calumny on net until transparent bodies.

Maybe we'll hear something like that about the terrible story of Olga Karach as her sadistic tortured in uniform. Or maybe not. Do not hide your face as riot police bully who punched in the face Svetlana Zavadskaya. And he did not. After all this work.

And the many police officers who threatened to rape detained women and girls in the paddy wagons, and in interrogations — no one did no one punished. After all, just routine, "the suppression of the will" of detainees, the courses are taught. And if they were given a couple of times — well, so that did not dug to order. Can a character whose defenders of law and order nervous, relieves stress.

I believe that if at all it will have to bear the responsibility (and not for the love of Lukashenko, and for bullying and torture of human beings and the law), these individuals will genuinely surprised — for what? We are not that out of malice, this was just a job. How sincerely indignant Judge Olga Komar, when it's Facebook, people expressed what they think of her sentence Vasily Parfiankou. And now at the request of Paul Levinau postpone the execution of the sentence — because of ill health mother — she replied that she had ended the working day. Well, what can be the mother Levinau when Ms. Komar work is over? End of Work, as noted by Sergei Dubovets — it's sacred.

And a little more in the case of Olga Karach and its káta. According to Ms. Karachi, his name Linkous. In the list of leaders of the Frunze district police really appears Linkous Dinas Gedemin, deputy head of the Frunze district police department of the capital, police chief of civil security. BT once served an interview with an officer, one of the leaders of the Frunze district police department with that name. On the ill-treatment of detainees Dinas Linkous was reported earlier.

Name and surname of the chief of police somehow inspired by the comparison with the country where such evil — not banal, familiar and routine impunity. And I remembered photos of a recent meeting of the delegation of female politicians and businesswomen with Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, where she shakes hands with Olga Karach.

And here's a photo where Ms Grybauskaite no less sincerely shakes hands with his colleague, "the guarantor of stability in Belarus," Alexander Lukashenko said.

Politicians have to shake a lot of hands.

I is not the fact that the President of Lithuania must radically change its policies, which is a difficult thing — there are economic interests and geopolitical balance and much more. But apart from the political, there is also a human. Sometimes, at least.

Perhaps Ms. Grybauskaite men never beaten on the face and threatened to rape her. But I think that as a woman she can imagine feeling a woman in that position.

And it seems that no political calculations would not hurt her, as a woman, and the president to explain to his Belarusian counterpart that with all partnership and mutual interests of his subordinates not to be behave, as rednecks, and that evil is banal as it may seem, Alexander Lukashenko and certain implementing his orders.

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