The Belarusian authorities lifted restrictions on the OTC market

The Belarusian authorities lifted restrictions on kursavtvarenni on the OTC market in the segment of legal entities.

This was stated by First Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Nikolai Luzgin, Interfax reports.

Previously, according to the order of the National Bank, the selling rate of foreign currency transactions at banks to legal entities could exceed the official rate more than by 10%, while in the segment deals with individuals — more than 2%.

"With the today lifted restrictions on the formation rate Belarusian ruble in transactions of purchase and sale of foreign currency between banks and business entities, "- said Luzgin.

Next week the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange will hold the first alternative trading to determine the market rate of the Belarusian ruble on the basis of supply and demand.

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