The case of survival, make sure you survive or die (Made in Russia with pride)!!

About the Company

The company «Survival Corps» (literal translation from English — Body of survival) was established in 1991 — a year of dramatic changes in the Russian state. The possibility of new prospects in Russia and is also reflected in the development of the military market. With pride we want to note that our company was the first to equip the Russian special services the best gear and military clothing ever produced in Russia. Together with professionals from the Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry FSO model we created Vests, holsters, military equipment and clothing for functional use in actual combat conditions. Using the most advanced materials and advanced technology, we have created the image of our company as "the best of the best." "Quality comes first" has become our motto. We produce products according to European military standards using original materials and accessories of famous European and American firms. Our company's name speaks for itself: supplying you our equipment, we try to help you survive in the most extreme situations and have the advantage over the enemy.

If you aspire to look like the latest military standards, and if you are tired of the clothing and equipment that do not meet your needs, come to us. Together, we will create the kind of uniforms, which will be envied by your colleagues, and which will be a promising and best for many. Based on your experience, our company started its production and with your help we will be able to create better models of military clothing and equipment in the future.

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