The coming of the barbarians in Maladzechna

April 25, 1993 in Maladzechna on the central square in front of several thousand citizens was a monument to the martyrs of the freedom and independence of Belarus. Almost 18 years molodechentsev pinned him flowers in memorial days, no one ever questioned its feasibility. But for this autumn in Maladzechna appointed "Dozhinki", which is why today the reconstruction of the city center … Molodechno artist Lavon Timohin was the first who told our radio that the authorities' plans regarding the monument.

Michas Scoble: "Sir Leon, thank you for taking the time to come to us on the radio. If you find out that the monument will be taken down?"

Lavon Timohin"Yesterday I called the former head of the Department of Culture

Then he decided to make the fountain in the square, and the monument moved to the park in the bush, away from the central square, from the holy place …

Nadezhda Ivanovna Sidarentsy. And she told me that people were going to the executive committee and decide what to do with a monument on which the cross Euphrosyne. Like, he does not fit the concept of "Dozhinki" (Maladzechna in this year's festival will be "Dozhinki"). Initially expected to put in place the monument sculpture of the Virgin Mary. But then one artist said — then the Mother of God will stand in front of the monument to Lenin atheists. City Executive Committee had to withdraw the proposal. Then he decided to make the fountain in the square, and the monument moved to the park in the bush, away from the central square, from the holy place. I will explain why the place is holy. At present the central square Maladzechna in pre-Soviet times there was a huge stone cross. When they came to advice, as the old people, the cross was blown up. And in place of blown up the cross, where generations of Christians were praying, and our monument was installed. "

Scoble: "Tell us about the history of its establishment. Who is the author of the monument?"

Timohin: "Art belongs to the idea of Svyatoslav Polivoda, he now lives in Maladzechna. Architectural anchor did the then chief architect Yuri Belanovich, today it is — an architect Hamburg. Deliver the stone to the area helped the director Maladzechna concrete products plant Nikolai Ivashkevich, he and I were friends of the executive committee. Preparations lasted not a day or a month. should have to talk to the citizens, to print our newspaper relevant material. So, a lot of preparatory work was to pray to the square at the dedication of the monument was attended by thousands molodechentsev. was exactly Radunitsa and processions were through the city. This was a great spiritual event. "

Charity gang in Maladzechna — a monument is set on the foundation

Scoble: "And what is involved in the establishment of the monument took the then Molodechno power?"

Timohin: "City council was then headed by Gennady Karpenko. Urban

Karpenko never took responsibility for solving such spiritual matters …

authorities have behaved completely democratically, for what we do and appreciated. I can say this as a member of the Presidium of the City Council of Deputies, where all issues were solved. Karpenko never took responsibility for solving these spiritual issues, he said: "If people need it, I will support, if not — sorry." When I told him about the idea of the monument, he said the same words. And the monument was made — all works of charity. And when the multitude came together, and we dedicated the monument, then, at the last moment of consecration, there was a wreath mayor Gennady Karpenko Dmitravich. He seemed to be put imperious print: once people wanted it, then so be it. "

Scoble: "When installed — consulted with the people. And consulted, when they came to dismantle?"

Timohin: "If they were consulted, and then with a very narrow range of people. Maybe with members of the" White Russia "Belarusian Republican Youth Union, but with the people, with the faithful — no. Known as the author of the monument, Svyatoslav Polivoda, no one spoke. I Today specially arrived to the area and saw that there are in full swing construction, roaring tractor matched to the monument., so to speak, is the concept of "Dozhinki."

Scoble: "The situation with the monument I asked to comment on the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Maladzechna Lyudmila Kononovich."

Lyudmila Kononovich: "On the phone I can not say. So far no project area. If there is a project, then just say. Come sustrentsesya with our chairman. While we do not officially announce and not talking. Advisable that you have come, I do not want on a mobile phone to discuss it. Where did you get my cell phone? Usually I speak on such topics only in the study. According to this monument we were looking for, raised documents how it was installed. To date, no documents in his establishment we have not found. "

Joint prayer serve priest Edmund Dovgilovich-Nowicki and the Orthodox priest John Mitko

Scoble: "City council can not find the documents on which the monument is installed. What do you say to that, Mr. Levon?"

"How is it there are no documents, if the chief executive of Gennadi

Was present at the unveiling of the whole bureaucratic army. So what happened to the documents? …

Karpenko attended and laid a wreath? With him was a delegation of the City Council and deputies. Making the monument white-red-white flags affairs department of culture. Board secretary Valery Kostka, who, I hope, led all the documentation was also present. Was present at the unveiling of the whole bureaucratic army. So what happened to the documents? Any documents you can optionally hide or lose. All the people create and open the monument, he stood for so many years, and now — no documents … "

Scoble: "I asked the famous artist Alexei Marochkina determine the artistic, aesthetic and historic value of the monument Maladzechna."

Alexei Marochkin: "Certainly, he is the artistic value. But he also has historical value, since this bright stone, this marble brought from Karelia, in fact — one of those places where the lives of many martyrs, victims of Stalinism. Placed on the monument vain image of the Cross of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk — as a symbol of Christianity. dismantling of the monument and I can only be regarded as barbaric. "

April 25, 1993. Monument in front of the opening, surrounded by a white-red-white flags

Scoble: "The monument was consecrated priests major Belarusian denominations. Have you, Mr. Levon, with the help of the church, the church?"

transfer of the shrine, you must again raise the city serves as a common prayer, but also to the power of the priests did not address …

Timohin: "I spoke to a Catholic priest, and he explained to me that no transfer can not be, because it is holy. To move the shrine to again raise the
city, is a common prayer, but also to the power of the priests did not apply."

Scoble: "Experience shows that before" Dazhynki "our cities are very peratrasayutstsa. Example, before last year's" Dazhynki "Lida was destroyed by burial priest Fal'kovskii — the uprising of 1863. How do you intend to protect the monument?"

Timohin: "We can only protect the word. I think that it is our Christian duty. I want to appeal to respected leaders of our city, our region," Dear Mr. Domotenko, Mr Batura, it depends on you, be defiled the temple of Belarus — a monument to the victims of Stalinist terror . I ask you, on behalf of the thousands of people who by their labor, physical or spiritual, involved in its establishment. This monument — the guardian of our future, including the future of your children. Do not let sin go your way, do not give what is holy to the dogs! You know what happened to the people who destroyed the temples and tore them with crosses. Wake up! "

PS Transfer "barbarians coming in Maladzechna" aired on April 12, and 18:45. And three hours later a monument was dismantled. His whereabouts remain unknown.

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