The company makes a Red Wings draft Tu-204SM

Co-owner of the National Reserve Corporation (NRC) and the Red Wings Airlines Alexander Lebedev is ready to act as a white knight to save the program for the production of Tu-204SM. As the "RBC daily», Red Wings and the leasing company "Ilyushin Finance Co.." (IFC) signed a letter of intent for the delivery of 44 new aircraft. Instead, Alexander Lebedev, is counting on government support.

Lebedev told the publication, an order for 44 Tu-204 will not only keep your job, "Aviastar", but also subcontractors of the enterprise. First of all, the Perm Motor Plant, which makes for a liner PS-90A2. According to the businessman, he is now trying to get the assurance that in case of signing the firm contract aircraft will be provided after sales service and guarantee they will have a residual value.

Requirements that will help operate the aircraft on the breakeven point, Lebedev announced in a letter to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (a copy of the letter is available "RBC daily»). First of all, an entrepreneur requires a lower level of lease payments, either by reducing the price of the aircraft to 700-750 mln. (Formerly called the manufacturer of 1.3 billion rubles. — "RBC daily»), or with the help of state guarantees the residual value of the aircraft. According to the businessman, airplane, worked ten years, to cost $ 18.5 million and operated 15 years — $ 9.5 million, he also asked to ensure the costs of continuing airworthiness of aircraft and the benefits for the operators of domestic appliances in the allocation of routes. All together, in his estimation, more profitable to the state, than grants and subsidies to the industry without it starting order ships.

In the IFC confirmed the signing of a memorandum with the NRC. But it does not comment on the parameters. "As for the price of aircraft from the manufacturer — is the subject of agreements with the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), which is currently being negotiated," — said, "RBC daily» IFC CEO Alexander Rubtsov.

In most Red Wings, according to the publication, a possible order skeptical. Earlier in the interview, "RBC daily» CEO Konstantin Teterin talking about artificially low characteristics of the aircraft and poor quality parts. Now he came out of the negotiations for the supply of aircraft, even though he was the initiator of the choice of domestic appliances. According to unofficial information, he submitted his resignation on January 15, 2011. K.Teterin himself did not comment on the eve of this information.

Without a firm order Tu-204 project threatens folding. In October, it was officially recognized in the KLA. The first customer of the Tu-204SM was supposed to make the Iranian company Iran Air Tour, but because of U.S. sanctions contract was canceled (the developer of the PS-90A2 is an American Pratt &Whitney). Customer further 15 machines was to be the airline "Moscow" has not confirmed the intentions. Thus, to keep the production line is required order of not less than 40 liners.

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