The company Rosatom TVEL sent to the charity program in 2012, 0.5 billion rubles

In 2012, the Fuel Company of Rosatom "TVEL" sent to the charitable programs of the order of 0.5 billion rubles., Of which more than 300 million rubles. — At the expense of "fuel elements".

  • Construction of the playground in the closed Fokino (Primorye)
  • Construction of the playground in the closed Fokino (Primorye)

In the implementation of charity policy "TVEL" adhered to the new format — the transition from one-time donations to charitable programs and projects based on the principles of shared values (cultural and spiritual development of pre-school and secondary education, sports and health of the population), giving priority to projects and programs in the regions of location of the Fuel Company for co-financing with local and regional authorities.

The main projects implemented in 2012 were: co-financing with the regional authorities and funds to support the development of entrepreneurship, created with the purpose of creating new high-tech jobs and the development of the business environment in the cities of location of enterprises (210 million rubles. 110 million rubles. JSC "TVEL "+ 100 million rubles. authorities); cofinancing with the regional and local authorities of the project on creation and development of physical and mathematical schools designed to improve the quality of school education in the disciplines of physics-mathematics and prepare skilled workforce for the future of the nuclear industry (254 million rubles . 117 million rubles. JSC "TVEL" + 137 million rubles. authorities); improved quality of urban residents (9,000,000 rubles.) housing for key public sector workers of location of cities (25 million rubles.) continued in the cities of location of the project "My yard. My house. My family "Installation of children's play facilities (11.7 million rubles.), Received wide publicity in 2011.

Projects have been implemented in the framework of agreements between the State Corporation "Rosatom" and the governor of Tomsk and Sverdlovsk regions, Krasnoyarsk Krai and the Republic of Udmurtia on cooperation concluded in the last year. The agreements provide for the delivery of a package of measures aimed at social and economic development of the regions of the enterprises.

In 2012, the company received charitable aid veterans and community organizations, societies with disabilities, social and educational associations, medical institutions. More than 10 million rubles. has been allocated to the popularization of mass amateur and children's sport in the regions where the fuel company. Also sponsorship was provided to the International Children's Creative Project Nuclear Kids, creative project "Territory Culture Rosatom".

Participation in the co-financing of social and charitable projects carried out at the expense of profits earned in the first stage of restructuring through the withdrawal of non-core assets of the Fuel Company.

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