The Company’s son Rogozin equip the army with rifles

The famous "sniper" Dragunov rifle to replace T-5000 the company Orsis, in which the son of deputy prime minister for defense industry has served as deputy director.

In the near future force structures completed testing the newest home development — Sniper Rifle T-5000. In the case of their success rifle will be taken into service in the Russian army.

As told Life News at the Ministry of Defence, the tests are conducted at the Center for training snipers Solnechnogorsk.

— We need a new rifle. After the tests, the final decision — said the source in the Defense Ministry.

Security sources confirmed unofficially Life News, that the special units of the FSB and FSO already purchased a rifle company ORSIS.

The motive for the change to sniper rifle divisions Defense and intelligence agencies was the fact that the IRS is operated by security forces in 1963 and long out of date.

Life News learned that the Defense Ministry after testing rifles interested in foreign and Russian manufacturers — namely, the weapon of ORSIS.

ORSIS part of the group of companies "Survey Systems", which specializes in industrial production of hunting, sporting and tactical rifles with manual re-charge the outstanding accuracy, as well as replacement and ballistic-caliber barrels from 5.6 to 20 mm.

Company ORSIS — a special project of Michael Abyzova that on January 18 this year, was appointed adviser to the president. Abizov is chairman of the business group RU-COM, as well as its constituent Russia's largest engineering company OJSC "E4 Group". In addition, he headed the public council supporters of Dmitry Medvedev.

Another interesting fact is that the deputy director of the State Corporation "Survey Systems" Alex Rogozin, the son of the recently appointed to the post of deputy prime minister for defense industry Dmitry Rogozin.

However, the main factors for the arming themselves with the latest home-made rifles are still its specifications.

When choosing a rifle for newly created units sniper main requirements were large compared to the other firing range and less susceptibility to weather conditions bullets. Studies have shown that best meets these wishes caliber 8.61 mm.

It was assumed that the new sniper rifle for the units will be purchased abroad, where the weapon under a more powerful 0,338 Lapua Magnum cartridge has gained considerable popularity. In one of his statements to the press about it has mentioned the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov.

Dmitry Rogozin, before appointment as Vice-Premier has promised to bring their Makarova Russian weapons factory ORSIS. General of the Army in production has not visited, but instead of it coming at least high-ranking officials.

— At the end of last year, an unofficial visit to the production ORSIS made Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov inspected everything — told Life News source in the military-industrial complex.

Latest rifles also praised Chief Missile and Artillery Directorate, Major General Alexander Romanovsky and military officials and Technology Commission. According to our source, the weapons and the like arrows from sniper units, and experts from sniper schools that train personnel for new Defense Brigade.

Groups snipers should get the latest rifles

— The rifle is being tested at the army. Several options for a minimum of 4 samples with the traditional for our sniper rifles of 7.62 and 8.61 mm promising — said our source.

A spokesman for the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Lidia Mikhailova Life News, that the Deputy Prime Minister does not give comments on the timing and details of rearmament.

— Until February-March this year to comment on this subject, he would not — she said firmly.

Their characteristics are inspected by Minister Serdyukov T-5000 is very different from the IRS. With almost equal dimensions range of effective fire from the T-5000 is higher — up to 1,500 meters compared to 800 at the IRS. As an advantage of SVD can be called less weight — 4.5 kg compared to 7.5 in the T-5000 — and slightly larger rate due to the semi-automatic system to the vapor tube.

Although the IRS has proved in Chechnya and even the recent conflict in South Ossetia, it has no future. As well as the possibility of upgrading. Simply make or buy a new one. By the way, the cost of the T-5000 of 180 thousand rubles — less expensive than imported ones.

Army sniper, whose name is Life News does not disclose the benefit of his own safety, applauds the characteristics of the modern rifle T-5000.

Photos of T-5000 from the site

— Of course, I would like to "sniper" could confidently to "extinguish" targets at long range. But the increase in caliber and capacity cartridges will make arms heavy and bulky. With such a "stupid" is not run. Yes, and machine gunner in which case no bullets otsypesh — said the party fighting.

Special forces have long used in their operations more severe and long-range rifles of foreign production. Snipers FSB units "Alpha" and have a foreign rifle. But recently, the FSB and FSO have made a number of private orders of modern Russian rifles after their representatives also visited the ORSIS.

— T-5000 — good weapon for newly created units of snipers, is not inferior to foreign analogues. In addition, it will be much cheaper than foreign models, and with it the military will not have difficulties with the repair and replacement of parts. The challenge will be to import the molds themselves, because of the caliber of ammunition are not produced in Russia — told Life News weapons expert Maxim Popenker.

Federal Security Service of the Russian snipers often use foreign rifles

— I think it is the best rifle in the world. By the way, Junior National Biathlon won gold medals with rifles ORSIS. It is well characterized by a firm — said a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense Anatoly Tsiganok.

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