The company Termorobot

Ltd. "Termorobot" — an innovative venture for the development and production of automatic coal-fired boilers of the new type.


Payment for heating — this is the biggest regular utilities.
With the advent of Termorobot you have an additional freedom: now you can build a house without looking at the gas lines.
Many Termorobot save significant amounts when purchasing fuel, and release from duty ezhedenevno use the stove, and make your life better.


Automatic coal-fired boilers and boiler Termorobot used for heating:

private homes, cottages;
lodges, camps, hotels, camps;
production halls, warehouses, shops, garages, service stations;
buildings for agricultural purposes;
schools and other social and cultural destination.


About 30 and boiler Termorobot worked for a whole heating season, heating, both our own facilities, and various objects of our customers from the cities of Siberia and the Far East. Experience in operating boilers Termorobot confirmed their high efficiency, convenience and reliability.

Boilers and boiler Termorobot economical
Coal — cheap fuel, the price of heat produced by burning it — 400-600 rubles. per 1 Gcal on this indicator Termorobot competes with gas-fired boilers. Heat produced from other fuels in 2-6 times more expensive.
Termorobot boilers have high efficiency (85-88%). This efficiency is achieved by the complete combustion of coal and the lack of mechanical incomplete combustion (no grate).

Boilers and Termorobot fully automated
Control of the boiler is required. Microprocessor automatic accurately maintains the desired temperature in the building, regardless of the weather. When the weather gets warmer, the coal consumption is automatically reduced, and the boiler is always running at optimum capacity (ranging from 15-20 to 100% of nominal).

High environmental performance Termorobot
In Termorobot achieved complete combustion of both stone and brown coal, with his work there is no smoke and odors. The concentration of carbon monoxide CO in the flue gases in a 50-70 times lower than that allowed by GOST. Of the tube is transparent warm air, harmless carbon dioxide, water vapor and other products of complete combustion. Boilers are suitable for heating houses and lodges.

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