The competitiveness of Russian enterprises in times of globalization

For the smooth functioning of the economy in Russia is necessary to develop the competitiveness of the whole, as domestic production, and businesses in general. Competition — the economic process of interaction and struggle for producers the most advantageous conditions of production and marketing of goods, obtaining the highest profit. At the same time — the mechanism of natural regulation of production in a free market.

The competitiveness of Russian enterprises in the current economic crisis is not thorough, and therefore requires constant decisive action for its decision. It is worth noting that the process of globalization is inevitable. Therefore, in such circumstances, the law of survival of the strongest competitive products. Competing domestic producers will lose, because foreign manufacturers the most powerful and technologically competitive. 

At issue today is highly competitive — for virtually all aspects of society. In Russia there are the opportunities for effective development of various sectors of the economy, the development of small and medium-sized businesses, but high probability of risks leads to opacity producers.

According to the World Economic Forum, the risk of doing business is maximized due to the impact of macroeconomic factors such as the results of the internal and foreign policy, namely the tax regulations, tax rates, inflation, lack of infrastructure, access to finance, labor market regulation, currency regulation . In order to successfully operate in a market economy, the enterprise should develop a plan quickly to changes in macroeconomic indicators, arising in the course of daily activity. To improve the competitiveness of enterprises, it is necessary to develop a strategy and a plan to combine with a set of measures aimed at the study of the major advantages of institution, its shortcomings, and improve marketing policy, taking into account the capabilities of the enterprise and external threats.

Thus, we can conclude that the dynamics of Russia in terms of globalization processes is of great importance for the Russian enterprises, although Russia does not have a large number of competitive advantages. In the future, the country can enter more than competitive products because the potential is sufficient, and the possibility of its effective use depends on the coherence and sistematizatsionnogo component of development strategies of individual producers on the basis of investment and innovation. The possibility of further development of the country will have more and more independence, and accordingly, the risk due to the negative effects of globalization, the impact of natural disasters and unrealized activities of the Kyoto Protocol will aggravate the situation on the food market, and accordingly, the financial market and the labor market.

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