The concentration of natural mineral water using a process electromembrane

The concentration of natural mineral waters using electromembrane process for the production of basic salt solution to kill fluids in the oil industry


The accelerated pace of development of oil fields in Russia and in the world wide implementation of secondary recovery techniques, waterflood recovery, as well as the failure to date and flooding some of the existing wells — all this leads to an increase in the volume of repair work. In such circumstances, the problem to improve the quality of repair work, as well as to eliminate the harmful effects on the formation of the applied technological liquids becomes of utmost importance.

One of the most important stages of repair of wells is to prevent overflow at the mouth of the borehole fluid. For these purposes applies killing of a well fluid required density.  Well killing — the most popular type of impact on the well, which is a set of measures for the selection, preparation for injection into the well of special liquids, ensuring safe and trouble-free for repairs. After the construction of wells and transmission Oil-production enterprise, before you enter into service, the well is subjected to jamming. It is executed with the aim of lowering into the well pump and other process equipment. In the course of geological and field work each well exposed to jamming at least once a year because of the need for underground repairs, change of pumping equipment, washing the face from dirt, etc.

Over the past 20-25 years, the problem of development killing fluids (Xr) has received considerable attention. Analysis of the literature shows that in order to optimize the process of the repair work is now foreign experts have focused on the creation of technical means to ensure holding of underground repairs without killing the well fluid. In the Russian Federation is increasingly conducted to develop formulations of process fluids and their use of technology, does not detract from the reservoir properties. The reason is that so far in Russia there are no reliable technical means to carry out repairs of underground without killing the well. Such means should provide a reliable seal against multiple wells at the time of repair, with free access to the area of the reservoir during operation of the well. Design and development of prototypes of these devices produced in the Russian Federation, suggest their installation in the wellbore, as opposed to samples foreign companies who are primarily intended to determine the wellhead. However, even in the U.S. introduce such devices is quite slow and the extent of their use is not more than 400 units. year. It should be noted that, whatever the sophisticated technical means may have been created, the need for process fluids that contribute to the preservation and restoration of reservoir properties are not reduced. Also, practice the fundamental changes in the technology of production and workover in the foreseeable future in the Russian Federation is not possible, because it leads to the complete replacement of existing technology.

In the group of killing fluids, water-based leading role belongs aqueous solutions of mineral salts clear brines or not containing solids. Currently, these solutions are made on saline or stations (nodes mortar) in the area of oil production from imported salt, or delivered ready (liquid) form. On the one hand, this entails a huge, ever-increasing costs of transportation, on the other — is irreversible man-made changes in the formation water due to additional volumes pumped into RPMS salts in solution, leading to an environmental disaster.


The technology proposed for the concentration of natural mineral waters using electromembrane process for the production of basic salt solution to kill fluids in the oil industry, does not imply a revolutionary change in mining technology and service rig in the oil fields, but it is devoid of most of the disadvantages of the existing methods of manufacturing xr while obtaining a large number of significant economic and environmental benefits. The technology has been tested by experts of JSC MT in the early 90-ies in the oil-producing enterprises' in the mode of trial operation built an experimental station to give the salt industry of zero as a salt concentration of up to 140-170 g / l.

  1. Technology electromembrane (electrodialysis) concentration involves the use of local resources (such as sources of salt) — Cenomanian mineralized natural waters as a source of raw materials, which virtually eliminates the costs from the cost of shipping for bigger mineral salts from the suppliers for the manufacture of Xr.
  2. For the operation of electric power technology requires only a minimal amount of reagents and for ongoing maintenance.
  3. The technology substantially eliminates future technological changes in the environment.
  4. Estimated cost to get Xr ED method is significantly lower than in the conventional method of manufacture.
  5. Excluded precipitation in contact with natural water xr, since it has a similar composition.
  6. The absence of suspended particles in the zero as obtained with the use of ED, reduces the possibility of irreversible clogging.
  7. The proposed product is a basic salt based on the local composition of natural salts and optionally allows the use of different weighting and hydrophobic additives, depending on the requirements of each particular zero as well.


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