The contract for the construction of the ship communication Ivan Khurs signed Severnaya Verf and the Ministry of Defense

Russian shipbuilders will continue to build ships connection project 18280 for the Russian Navy. The contract for the construction of the first vessel in a series of "Yuri Ivanov" sign of "Severnaya Verf" and the Defense Ministry.

  • Ship Communication Project 18280 "Yuri Ivanov"
  • Ship Communication Project 18280 "Yuri Ivanov"

For a new order began cutting metal finishing construction works — in 2016, told Trend. ITAR-TASS General Director of the company, Alexander Ushakov.

"Severnaya Verf" is included in the register of sole supplier of communications project 18280 ships for the Russian Navy. November 14, 2013 at the plant is planned groundbreaking ceremony serial vessel connection. Order of the Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy it will be named "Ivan Khurs"

According to Ushakov, launching the lead ship "Yuri Ivanov," will be held on September 30. In the boathouse and on the stocks of the plant was conducted sudosborochnyh core set of operations on the ship set basic mechanical equipment and systems to ensure safe launching and completion afloat.


Ship communication "Yuri Ivanov" — essentially a new ship for the Russian Navy, which will greatly exceed similar ships of previous generations in their tactical and technical characteristics. The main features of this ship / displacement of about 2.5 tons, range — at least 8 thousand miles / is its multi-functionality, high level of automation and systems integration. In this project 18280 has significant potential for modernization. This will be the largest in the Russian ship of this class. The ship is named in honor of Vice Admiral Yury Ivanov / 1920 — 1990 gg / who made a significant contribution to the creation and development of a permanent naval intelligence.

SAINT-PETERSBURG, September 24. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Leo Frolov /.

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