The Court of time (a lot of gear) watch online

The Court of time (a lot of gear) watch online
Unfortunately, Our homeland is known for its very shaky past: not once corresponded history of our country Held for the sake of power. As if by a magic wand changed moral principles, black whitewash, snowy profaned, and the characters were changed places with the wicked, and vice versa. In the past our country deal Prof. hard time even historians.

Series of programs "The court time," created for the purpose of deal in the event, as long since past, and not so long ago occurred, have not had time to grow a legend and fiction. Specialists collected by each of the programs, try deal in one, taken separately historic event which radically affected the future development of the story.

This is an attempt to look at the past actions of the freshest eyes, with hindsight and modern approach to one or another area of our lives. You will learn about all known details of the shooting of the parliament, which occurred in 1993, the signing of the fateful Bialowieza agreement of the Decembrist uprising, the details of the reign of Nicholas II, the all events that accompanied the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and much more.

Transmission designed for a wide range of viewers who crave deal in the past our country, about what impact have these or other activities, and most importantly, for those who wish to behold in the history of warnings of what not to be repeated in the future.

The Tribunal time to look online

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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