The disaster at the stadium was a prerequisite for the riots in Cairo

The tragedy of the stadium has caused unrest in Cairo

Clashes between police and protesters broke out in the central square of Cairo's Tahrir Square. There has gathered several thousand man. People gathered to honor the victims of catastrophic events, kotoryeproizoshli on Wednesday in the town of Port Said. After a football match between a team of capital "Al Ahli" and local "Al-Masri "in the stadium there was a mass hassle. As a result, 74 people were killed and over 500 injured.

As reported by ITAR-TASS, several hundred protesters, members of the "ultras" — structurally minded members of the fan club "Al-Ahly, "attempted to break through to the parliament buildings and the Interior Ministry placed near.

Law and order to disperse the protesters using tear gas, which affected 300 people. But the security forces under the pressure of the crowd retreated to the building of the Interior Ministry and hid behind the army cordons.

A huge number of Egyptians full responsibility for what happened in Port-Said laid specifically on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, accusing the department of inactivity. Apart from calling for the resignation of the head of department, began to sound, and calls for the resignation of the government.

Recall that in Egypt for the victims declared three days of mourning. Matches Premier League the country indefinitely postponed. In addition, some officials Egypt, in the set, and that the Governor Port-Said, sent in his resignation. Governors of the investigative committee and the security services have detained the town, and their activities have been suspended.

Also, from the posts of the government's decision removed some officials of the Egyptian Football Association — reports "Interfax".

Representatives of the Islamist movement "Muslim Brotherhood", which dominates the newly elected legislature, Egypt, the blame for the mess the data entrusted the supporters of Hosni Mubarak, the former head of Egypt. According to Esam Erian, a representative of the movement, the police and the army want to force away the arguments of those who ask for the abolition of emergency.

The disaster in Port Said was the largest since October 16, 1996, when in Guatemala as a result of panic in the stadium killed 78 man and another 189 were injured after. It came out after the World Cup qualifying match between Costa Rica and Guatemala.

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