The disaster Macedonian Slavs

The tragedy of the Macedonian SlavsThe Balkan Peninsula has long been known as one of the most volatile regions of the planet. This is a "powder keg" of Europe, there are facing Islamic project, West project and the Slavic world.

After the bloody disintegration of Yugoslavia, formed in its place a number of artificial, non-viable entities, one of them — is Macedonia.

Macedonians (South Slavs), unlike the Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, lucky to secede from Yugoslavia without a civilian war in 1991.

But it did not make life measured Macedonia, during the war in the area of Kosovo Albanian diaspora received the "recruitment", in addition to the combat experience. This dramatically destabilize the situation in the republic. The population of Macedonia — a little over 2 million people. A quarter of them Albanians, Macedonians, while approximately 64%, others — Turks, Roma, Serbs, Bosnians, etc. During the 2000s, from 30 to 40% of births in Macedonia kids — Albanians.

In 2001 began even small war between Macedonian police and army with the Albanian gangs. Albanians sought accession to the autonomy of Kosovo or large areas, where most of them. Only the intervention of NATO suspended the Macedonian government, which wanted to restore order in their own country. On the Albanian separatists signed the Ohrid Agreement, which provides limited legal and cultural autonomy (the official status of the Albanian language, the rebels amnesty, the Albanian police in Albanian areas).

After that outbreak of "friendship of peoples" occur on areas of Macedonia constantly. Albanians are cherished plans of "Greater Albania", not counting prepyadstviya separatist Albanian population creates a large criminalized enclave rich tool that monitors drug trafficking, the sale of humans and other criminal activities (the most "innocent" — it's smuggling, stealing cars).

Albanian discrepancy — It is not only the problem of Serbia and Macedonia, the Albanian ethnic criminal gangs for more than 10 years are kept under control, "gray and black" markets of Greece, does displace Italian criminal structures were leaked to Germany and France and several other countries. The scope of their "employment" — gun, prostitution, kidnapping for organs or sale into slavery, drugs, ie, more profitable "business", which gives a great income. They are actually on the ground outside the control of Kosovo, Albania, Albanian areas Macedonia, are of the highest patronage in the face of white houses, because they are his shock troops for the destruction of residual majestically Serbia. In addition, may "request" of friends from Washington to at least some instant raise hell in the Balkans, dealing a blow to the European Union and the euro.

In 2008, the Deputy Prime Minister Macedonia and a cousin of the head of the Kosovo government thug Hashim Thaci, Menduh Thaci, claimed the full equality of the Macedonian and Albanian languages, payment of compensation to foreign fighters for the freedom of the Albanian people, recognize the independence of Kosovo and the termination of criminal proceedings against Albanian terrorists.

First President of the Republic of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski tried to resist, but under pressure from the U.S. and NATO finally agreed on everything. But, as we know, the bandits can not settle down there, the victim will use the full program there. The situation in the country is on the verge of modern war, and whether it will be able to pause (and zahochut it?) — The big question.

The question is squarely: either Macedonians return control of their land, or they will continue to be "let down". But to return their land can only be by means of war and complete expulsion of Albanians to their homeland — Albania. The West and the United States do not allow it, because option gradual assimilation of Macedonians and the loss of its historical "I" more than possible. Many Macedonians are currently mentally gave up and did get Bulgarian passports — about 10% of the historical Macedonia comes a part of Bulgaria.

There are a few of the possible scenarios for the fate of Macedonia:

— section area between Greece and Kosovo (Albanians) and Bulgaria.

restoration of South Slavic federation (Yugoslavia-2), under the auspices of the Russian Federation. It would be bailed out by the Macedonians of assimilation and loss of autonomy.

war between Albanians and Macedonians, the intervention of NATO and the United States, circumcision of the country, the allocation of the Albanian enclaves in a new parasitic pseudo-state.

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