The end of the freedom of the West (Sublime Oblivion, USA)

And why should not listen to Russian hypocritical notation
Recently appeared on the Streetwise Professor posting, addressed to no one commentator-Russophobe, there fighter for democracy and the fellow on the web Sleboda Mark (Mark Sleboda) arranged a ruthless separation freedom of the West. Attention: who took it upon himself (arbitrarily) the role of moral judges for the whole world there is nothing to be proud of! A posting is good, why, exactly, I reproduce it here with the permission of the author.
Andrew … you chose just one example of pre-emptive arrests of protesters in the west of the ones I used to give the police in the UK at least worked hard to invent false accusations and misinform the public to justify the persecution of peaceful protesters.

Here you have an article in the British newspaper The Guardian, which discusses these trumped-up police operation "false flag" against peaceful protesters against global warming. On the harassment by the police and false allegations of peaceful protesters against global warming in the UK well known. Here are examples of "equipment", the police confiscated and used as an excuse for persecution and arrests of protesters against global warming on the previously mentioned actions in Kingsnorth. And that's how the police had to pay compensation for the damage after the rare occasion of winning the case in court.
However, even when the power of the police against the protesters will lead to death, as happened to Ian Tomlinson (Ian Tomlinson), the police regularly hosts the "internal investigation" by the tribunals, and the perpetrators remain unpunished, even without paying a penalty. A system of society and turn away …
Unfortunately, it has become commonplace in the UK, when a police system records all the protesters in the number of "domestic extremists", as the political consensus that has formed around the global warming due to the model of consumer capitalism, began to fall apart. This fits into the existing trend in the West, that the protests on the Western concept of human rights and freedoms, usually tolerated, and any protests which challenged the prevailing socio-economic paradigm (for example, protests against global warming), or calls into question the capitalist system and its the external manifestations (protests against the "big eight", "twenty", WTO) or persecuted brutally suppressed.
The police even there special units for routine surveillance and implementation of agents in the organization, suiting environmental protests. Britain has become a Orwellian state where Big Brother is watching you through the video camera on every corner, where any political dissent directed against the socio-economic status quo is suppressed. Much like in the U.S., where he created a police state, the monitoring of pacifist organizations who dare to protest against the aggressive imperialist wars waged by America.
Police brutality against peaceful protesters against global warming and capitalism have become a common practice in the UK. Judge for yourself. The same obviously applies to the U.S.. In Canada, the police repeatedly caught on attempts to introduce agents into peaceful protest groups to organize provocations with the violence and rebellion to justify the suppression of subsequent actions. So it was even during the protests against the Olympics! But even when the official investigation conducted ethical action, nothing is done, and the mainstream media for the most part it is left unattended.
This is because we in the West have built a false comforting narrative about "freedom" and "democracy" in our society. Belief in this myth has established itself at all levels of society — from government agencies and the media to the common people, so that totalitarianism continues to spread despite even direct contradictions.
Look at the record, it presented me evidence to support my allegations relating to the hypocrisy of the rhetoric of the West on the Russian protests "Strategy-31" — look. This shows the true face of protests and "freedom of assembly" in the West — at the Copenhagen climate conference, which was attended by leaders of all countries of the world. I guarantee it, because I was there in person — the official delegate at the conference, and when it became clear that the leaders of the world are going to show only hastily prepared projects to "save face" and not hasty to take real steps to change our capitalist, built on uncontrolled consumption economy, I, like many other delegates left the meeting and joined the protesters. Here's what we saw — and, with all due cynicism, I was shocked and horrified by what terrible force measures, in the style of attack aircraft, used to police the Western peacefully protesting youths to maintain the existing political and economic consensus.
I am personally very concerned about this, as I sometimes participated in the protests in the U.S., UK, EU, Canada and Russia, mainly against the issues of global warming, and I can say that, oddly enough, more decent thing to legal and peaceful protesters are in Russian. Russian police does not do anything like permanent and systematic atrocities directed against peaceful protesters. If they were doing, it would instantly hit the front pages of every newspaper in the world. But when this happens to us in the West, the mainstream media turn away and pretend not to notice anything. This double standard "friend or foe", where Russian perceived as "different" in order to continue to introduce ourselves deceived about the nature of our society and the state.
Violence and harassment by the police at the protests, which I found including the latest case in Copenhagen, took place in the legally sanctioned and officially registered protests. The protests of the "Strategy 31" were dispersed by police in a civilized manner, because they protested illegally without permission. Every time they issue permits for protests in other locations downtown Moscow, but they refused. And why not? Because their goal — not a protest, but a provocation. They focus not on the Russian society, because there is nobody listens to them (Russian liberals with ill-concealed disgust belong to the Russian people, because he is not good enough "Western"), and in the Western press.
That is why such protests comes with a maximum of one or two hundred people, and foreign reporters and cameras — twice, and remove these cameras, as Russian police arrest famous liberals. There are no "torture" to the protesters in Russia is not applicable. This is a completely false accusation, unsupported by any evidence. Liberals would immediately started to yell at all the Western media space, if the evidence was. The protests of the "Strategy-31" in Russian — is staging the action, and those arrested were released immediately, and within a couple of hours, they were going home to drink milk and eat cookies.
There is also a fact that a handful of veteran Russian liberals, now calling itself the "Strategy-31", for some reason, the mind is not conceivable protests together with Eduard Limonov, probably because the NBP may attract more supporters (however nor is the number of microscopic turned out). National Bolshevik Party — this is the most real terrorists and anarchists, Limonov was in prison for attempted armed revolt Russian nationalists in Kazakhstan, than he admitted. Anarchists of the NBP are responsible for repeated commission of violent and destructive actions. So that the Russian police actually have a reason to fear the "Strategy-31", as long as it inv
olves the National Bolsheviks.
Original publication: The End of Western Freedom

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